One Piece

Just read volume 1. What's up with this writing? Zoro’s simplistic backstory breezes past in a few panels, and Luffy’s goal is little more than “I wanna be the strongest.” Also, all of the bad guys are just one-note cartoons. It feels incredibly childish.

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Kek Zoro really did get the worst backstory

Drop it, op is the definition of shit

Seething Bleachfag

Read Bleach. The girls are hotter.

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Filtered, go read some shitty romcom manga instead

Not a fan of stories where the enemies are ghosts, thanks

>you can't check out One Piece if you like Bleach

imagine if you saw your mom wearing that

It's just another case of Early Installment Weirdness. The following crew members get far more fleshed out backstories.

>Also, all of the bad guys are just one-note cartoons.
Name these villains.

>he'd rather have an ugly Mom

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>It feels incredibly childish.
Well that's because you're reading a cartoon created for 8 year olds you fucking retard

Luffy gets more fleshed out and get's more of a backstory later, zoro's has the weakest backstory and it was always simple but he also is built up more later. The early villains are pretty meh but the villains do get much better and even some villains from the east blue end up going in interesting directions later on

Yeah because otherwise i would have weird thoughts about her

I'm still expecting it to get retconned sorta like Luffy's backstory adding in Sabo.

I love that Zoro's backstory is so simple. He was already on the path he wanted to be and had all his major development before meeting Luffy. It makes him unique among the SHs and why he is the only one to never have his own arc.

>Volume 1
Bruh, do you know how many volumes there are? They're not going to put everything in the first chapters. Though this is of course a bait thread

>The early villains are pretty meh
You shittin' on Buggy?

Reminder that Luffy considers Kiku stronger than Simpji

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>another buzzword to add to the filter
Its just so tiring these days. Not even Yas Forums is safe.

>Luffy’s goal is little more than “I wanna be the strongest.”

>having filters

>trust me bro it gets good after 200 chapters

>still not knowing what "retcon" means
Fuck OFF esl

And it's not like the backstory wasn't effective, otherwise his defeat from Mihawk wouldn't have become one of the top moments of the series.

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>Not even Yas Forums is safe.
Safe from what?

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Zoro’s full backstory is gonna be fleshed out in the current arc

Konosuke Uda did a better job than Oda wiith this backstory

awful, meanie words!

>tfw you originally thought it was gonna be revealed at some point that Kuina didn't die from falling down the stairs and it turns out she's actually Tashigi or maybe some other character
>900 chapters later it turns out nope she was just some random girl who really died falling down stairs