Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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Requesting Natsume in one of the following:

- drawing a heart on a foggy glass window i.imgur.com/yjQdiSq.jpg
- using a bow to shoot a sniper rifle i.imgur.com/YEOdLIk.jpg
- for something cutelewd, waking up user while wearing nothing i.imgur.com/J6JHZLm.jpg
- Frostleaf's maid outfit with fishnets and ZR imgur.com/a/lNY1IgE
- POV kabedon preferably with user's hands on her mouth i.imgur.com/q7rO7yy.jpg

Anything else is cool as well.

Joint requesting with Himari - prepping up for a summer getaway and roadtrip
- In a classy, gently lit bar (or café), optionally with Himari as bartender
Moodsetters for both are here imgur.com/a/AdOaF6h?grid

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Requesting my Popu cooking happily in the kitchen with an apron and casual clothes on, her dressed as joker Buro from Muse Dash ( imgur.com/a/WEOsCWV ), her sitting at a table happily looking toward the viewer holding their hand with wedding rings or her sitting on a couch with SI's head in her lap as she's petting his head.
SI if needed: files.catbox.moe/yk1khq.png

Draw whatever SFW cute thing you enjoy though, even past requests or simple poses. Hope you all have a swell upcoming week.

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Damn, I completely forgot about the thread this weekend. Anyway, I'd like to request a picture of Asuka sorta like this:
Part of the work's already done in my opinion, I like the looseness of the shirt, it would look perfect with the yellow one she wears.

Thanks lads.

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Requesting Yuria in any of the following

- posing casually with her feet out like this (imgur.com/a/i4U36Wd)

- dressed as Kokkoro from Princess Connect (danbooru.donmai.us/posts/3343994)

- a drawing of her posing in a way you can see her cute, submissive feet

- sitting on my lap, face towards mine, giving me a kiss or making me nervous (imgur.com/a/qyrzIKo)

- clinging to my SI and giving him a big hug. SI could be petting her head at the same time or it could be a POV shot.

Anything cute or cutelewd is also fine and appreciated! You can draw her genderbent if you want too!
SI Ref: (i.imgur.com/lxBROmF.png)

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Hi WWD. Hope everyone's week has been going well.

I would like to request my cute bun Sakuya from Utawarerumono in any of the following:

-Tiny Sakuya and GIANT Bun (Or Bunny Stand)
-Sleepy/Tired Sakuya (with bedhair)
-With a pouty/annoyed expression
-Anything cute or cutelewd is good too

Long hair refs: imgur.com/a/FeBwl
Tail ref: i.imgur.com/mw3HONL.png

Also, joint requesting with Izayoi Sakuya in the following:

Someone calling out Sakuya and both of them answering at the same time.

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend

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Requesting a re-draw of these panels with Homura and my SI: i.imgur.com/FspuqEW.png
Quarantine and online assignments have been hard, I could some tough love and motivation from my wife. Or, Homura doing other quarantine-activities with me while we're stuck indoors, to help me get through the lockdown. Save me.

Or alternatively, Homura opening the door and welcoming me home with her warmest smile: i.imgur.com/gH3HoM8.jpg
Any ideas involving my SI are welcome too: imgur.com/a/ygIBZ

Of course, anything cute or cool is fine! I'd appreciate it a lot, thank you for your time and have a nice weekend!

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Hi WWD The sleep is eternal, glory to the great sleep! Stay safe inside! I would love to request my wonderful waifu Akua:

-Wearing Lisa Lisa's outfit on the right.
-Wearing a cute bloody nurse outfit, mask included.
-As a futuristic/cyberpunk AI/Robot vampire
-Working out at the gym/post gym workout
-Being a scary bloodthirsty vampire i.imgur.com/eTycgJR.png
-Playing MTG with me. SI i.imgur.com/3JDKWP1.jpg

-Also joint request with Ai enjoying a concert together
or even with both of them performing on stage

Anything else is fine as well. Please and thank you!

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Happy end of weekend everyone!

Requesting my cute waifu Nono please! Anything cute/tastefully lewd is okay with me. Here are some ideas with Nono:

-As a bartender files.catbox.moe/xgxow6.jpg
-POV lap pillow
-Combing her hair
-Drinking a strawberry milkshake

Here's some faces from SRW for reference:files.catbox.moe/rtr0sn.jpg

Anything else is appreciated as well. Thank you in advance for reading and I hope everyone has a nice week!

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Requesting Risty in a button down shirt with a button popping off.

Or something like this with her: i.imgur.com/VbiKGZK.jpg

Or a mahou shoujo Risty trying not to look embarrassed.

Or her in a bunnysuit/reverse bunnysuit.

Or her in a micro bikini.

Or her putting user in a headlock or using her strong thighs to crush something.

Or a picture of her like this: i.imgur.com/dftWSNH.png

Or Dark Risty with a gesugao expression: imgur.com/a/fQ4gYmu

Alternatively, her awkwardly attempting any of the Holy Poses: imgur.com/a/27g2g

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Requesting Nozomi doing any of the following:

- Wearing a white sundress and sunhat
- Holding a parasol
- Standing on/sitting at a pier
- Sitting in a boat on a lake

Anything else you might want to draw of her, be it seasonal, silly, cute, romantic or even somewhat lewd, is much appreciated as well. Thanks in advance!

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Requesting Watashi dressing more sloppily after staying inside for weeks; catbox.moe/c/zjlv23
Alternatively, her wearing a bath towel coming out of the shower/bath.
Or, for something more lewd, any of these levels with her: twitter.com/i/web/status/1246685426615595008

Anything else cute or lewd is fine too.

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Requesting Shion with a smug expression and/or her slowly lifting up her skirt
Demonlord Shion ref: imgur.com/a/YOCrxvI
Extra Shion refs:imgur.com/a/P4zFT
Anything cute or lewd of her is fine
Thanks in advance

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Migrating. Once again requesting more and more art for my beloved Jin Sahyuk.

- Default outfit (top-left image in the reference pic) swap joint request with lovely Hinagiku ;
- would really, REALLY-REALLY love to see some moments from the novel with her illustrated (the circled parts): catbox.moe/c/3dwbvx
- POV kiss scene;
- POV princess carry, like this but with her looking away, slightly pouting and being embarrassed: files.catbox.moe/wx5pb5.jpg
- more skirt+pantyhose+butt-focused stuff;
- more bodysuit, swimsuit and lingerie stuff. bonus points if it's combined with her default coat;
- cosplay ideas: Stakes' uniform (Umineko), Aliceteria (re:creators), Beatrice (Umineko);
- anything Path of Exile related;
- anything else (lewds included) except harmful stuff will be also very appreciated.

A lot of thanks to drawfriends here and a few other certain artists for the deliveries I got in the past and thanks in advance for the future ones. Please have a nice weekend and stay safe, everyone.

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Requesting Amakusa Shino, please and thank you.
Optionally happily playing with a cat, or perhaps multiple cats (she wants a pet and seems to like cats in particular, but can't have one because of her mom's allergies), but anything else nice is fine too (especially with her wearing a wedding ring and/or clothing other than her school uniform).
Alternatively, since a second SYD movie got announced for this year, something of her celebrating that would also be welcome!

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Requesting my husband Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh! - anything cool, cute or fun.

Anchoring for

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Requesting something cute or cutelewd, or one of these.

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Requesting Hibiki wearing a silly hat.
Or her playing Rock em Sock em Robots with Yuuna i.imgur.com/L83XuJe.jpg

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Requesting my squishy wife Kuroneko. Anything cute/elegant/cool is fine, no lewd please

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I'd like for user to draw my wife without seeing her original design, to see their own interpretation of how she would look going just by this excerpt from the novel.
"I found a girl with long, straight black hair decorated with a flashy hair band adorning her perfectly proportioned face as she stared back at the gawking students with unusually large, black, determined eyes adorned with long, fringed eyelashes, her soft pink lips tightly pursed.
I was dazzled by her snow-white skin. A striking beauty stood before me."
Though if the request above isn't convincing, here's some past requests and my usual ref image

Requesting Nia Honjou with a Wholesome smile while using her Astral Dress

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Requesting Sina before sleep
have a great week y'all

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Requesting Kagura wearing a competition one-piece swimsuit, please!

As always, anything you feel like drawing, even somewhat lewd, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much!

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Requesting my darling Miia in the mage outfit of Angela from Trials of Mana. (catbox.moe/c/6shh96) Optionally with SI dressed up as Hawkeye, both of them doing whatever you think looks cool. (catbox.moe/c/eetwk1)
Or eating an egg, maybe getting a bit of yolk dripping off her lips/cheek. (files.catbox.moe/0iqar6.jpg)
Or a POV of Miia making this expression or thereabouts. (files.catbox.moe/ge1lb9.JPG)
Or maybe Miia lounging around in her room, maybe watering her plants, reading a book, or adding a new plushie to her collection. (catbox.moe/c/c8gt36)
Or this in her room (files.catbox.moe/rdbqj4.jpg)

Alternatively for joint requests, Miia with Moeka and Bianca and Miia together as in this image i.imgur.com/dBzzzaF.jpg
Or maybe Miia taking Tsugumi out to buy fashionable girly clothes for her to wear, giving her a makeover, helping her try on clothes etc.

In any case, whatever you decide to go with, thanks for the consideration, and here's hoping you're all still healthy.

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II'm stumped on coloring rn but if for some reason something happens to thread before I can post just know I'm still working on it Kaibanon.

Hisoka doing the weak shall fear the strong pose on Manchi.

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Requesting my lovely waifu Taiga wearing a big t--shirt and pulling it tight like this. twitter.com/erugotto/status/1220645200885735424
Or falling for a simple cake trap like this, files.catbox.moe/pucyl9.png
Or this with her files.catbox.moe/gk9sos.png

Additional Taiga references: imgur.com/a/bgzt4
Anything would be appreciated, and I hope you all are well out there

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Sorry I missed responding to your posts. Our weather is crap here so the internet is spotty.

I actually can't remember writing anything like that? But I can't even find your original post so I may have and in that case I'm sorry it came out a bit harsh sounding like that. I did and still do appreciate that drawing you did for me. And I feel the same about . I love that you went with like a fresh out of the shower scene and her damp bangs look very cute. And I do actually like ponytails, so great choice there! Only thing is I'm female, so no husbando to please there but don't worry about it since it looks like you draw in pen. Anyway, thank you very much for drawing for me again!
Thank you so much too! Her face is the cutest thing in the world and I like how thick the bits in front of her ears look. The pose you gave her is also the epitome of relaxation. I believe you drew her before too with my ham and I'm sure I said it then, but I really like your style. Your colors really are stellar like someone last weekend said! Thank you again.

And >>pic related
I have no excuse for missing this for so long. I looked at it but obviously wasn't seeing clearly, sorry for being dumb. Anyhoo, Sasami makes the cutest bunny! Even in tiny form her sweet look comes through and all that hair splayed out around her is just so pretty. Thank you too for drawing my cute Sami and great work again on all those rabbits you did. Your art looks familiar too but? Maybe Taki?

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Hey WWD! I'm requesting my dear Touko Fukawa in one of these situations:
- Comfortable, envolved around a blanket in a sofa, inviting the viewer to stay by her side.
- Sitting at a park bench with the viewer, staring at the pigeons eating crumbs.
- Wearing yoga attire and asking the viewer for help.
- Opening the door and welcoming the viewer with a the best smile she can do.

If you have any pure ideas, I don't mind. And if you want to replace the user with an SI, here's my ref sheet. imgur.com/a/pMtqvR0

Have a great weekend, wash your hands and stay safe!

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WIP, will have it for you next weekend.

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God bless you!


She is holding a line of recipes to make or photos of you both or something else that pleases you!

On the left, on the door, we have pictures of Homura and user. You can think of the "Do it for her!" meme. I thought it would be difficult to understand, since it would be hidden.

Have an amazing week!

I actually just answered in the previous thread. :3

Requesting waifu in wet a spring dress, waiting out the rain: imgur.com/a/rIm9gc7

More adapted_costume bunnysuits based on her swimsuits or any of her other costumes. Cat ears are okay too

-In her nurse outfit reading the newspaper
-In her pink dress expectantly looking at a plate of donuts
-In her pajama top and panties imgur.com/a/iZdhtwS
-Praying to a shrine of Kodamas from Nioh

Joint requesting with BB and Yuuko () in a two panel comic about them being seen in their spooky faces and their regular faces confused as to why people are running away

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