Is this the ideal bodytype?

Is this the ideal bodytype?

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No, this is

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He's over there, officer. The fat guy with the sweat-stained Anime Pro shirt.

You are sick. Despicable. More than mentally ill; you are morally dead. You should be kicked into a hole, then sealed shut. The fact that you have the audacity to post that on the internet is disgusting, and i unironically called the feds on you. You will rot in jail you pedo fat fuck. Actually, i dont hope you rot in jail. I hope you get burned alive and the skin melts off you bones. You WILL get you comeuppance, mark my words. Day of the shotgun to the dick (and then the head) soon pedo freak. Until then, I would try and hide. You deserve the lowest Hell of all Hells. Burn, bitch, burn.

This is.

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neck yourself

This is a very angry man

Spoon shaped

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Waist needs to be a bit thinner but you're close.

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too small

So evil yet so cute.

>modestly endowed but cute and pretty top half with the wide-hipped semen demon bottom half
The urge to breed is unbearable.

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No, but this is.

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Why is this board suddenly full of lolicons?

I heard the artist got banned from pixiv because he was using real girls for reference, is is true?


Is this the new navy seal pasta?

Oh no.

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this user wins the thread

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They need to be more brown for to reach the pinnacle of the human body

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God I want to mating press her

>no womb tattoo

We never had that many you faggots
Zoomers are ironically pedophiles

No, this is.

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Needs a Queen of Spades tattoo desu


god kaguya is so ugly.


>retard doesn't even know how to meme

You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

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I want the manga to end with F getting pumped and dumped

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Needs a little more pudge

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Kinda plain

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I love DFC.

This is.

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Squid-belly is best.

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>severe mental retardation
>chopped arms
>chopped legs
>big nipples for nipple torture
>no teeth for ideal facefucking

That is it.