Boku No Hero Academia


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BUILT for impregnation.

>BUILT for impregnation.
And Deku has the best bull for the job.

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>bakukek getting ass-blasted by Midorichad

underage always falls for bait and then the cycle of
>u fell for my bait
>no u
happens every day

Anal impregnation specifically

Is a slut like all her selfinserters

This is much more fun in the Dragonball Super threads


jiren and gohan fag in those threads are either both extremely retarded or both master baiters. but you are right its way better than underage and dekufag

If i want a laugh i always go there

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Built for mer!

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MiriEri? More like cute and canon.

cute and canon you say

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She is for me!

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Great now we have niggerinserts

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Tsuyu and Shoji would make a terror beast.

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well yes, ochako is a cuck

DBS threads have consistently been the best threads on this shit board for a solid few weeks now

What other canon ships do you like?

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Why do you faggots read such a bad manga

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You tell me, user. You seem to be the expert~

these threads have just become underage and decucks triggering each other with terrible 2nd grader shit talk

matter of fact fuck this gay thread im gonna go watch jiren and gohan fags argue

I'm only interested in mirio x eri, though I don't mind izuocha even if it doesn't make feel anything.