Fuck off, 3dog

Fuck off, 3dog.

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Dr. Nino

Stop bad evading

Learn english, meekutard

I wish the sisters had never fought

t. 4fag"

>everyone who hates Nino is a Mikufag


Sup Mikekfag

You can thank Cuntno "loves her sisters" Nakano for attacking and butting heads with everyone. Even her sisters force themselves to tolerate her, that's how much of a giant turd she is.

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can't we all just get along

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Why is Nagi spamming Nino so much lately? Every single day he keeps spamming Nino threads. You don't see fags of other quints doing the same.

Turning the other cheek does not solve the problem. Bitches need to be shown their place, in jail

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There's a reason everyone hated 2 and 2fags.

It's his fault?

No because dude wasn't even here before the manga ended
He sure acts exactly like his chink buddies of old though.

Yeah, I don't even remember seeing him in the Toubun threads until after Yotsuba won despite people claiming he's been on Yas Forums for years.

>62 chapters

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Sheer butthurt much like his entitled piece of shit quint, obviously. It's impressive just low she sank in the last volume.

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>Miku still the most loved quint
>Negi puts Ninofags in their place even in the final chapter

I quit Yas Forums for a while because i was working, happily married and my daughter was on the way. I recently came back because of the corona virus lockdowns.

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And you spend your days spamming Nino, samefagging and shitposting instead of taking care of your kid?

>nintard replies to me
No thanks, keep the (you).

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>phone poster
k y s

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It's funny that it's really only the Ninofags that are still bitter about the ending. Go to Toubun threads and most fags of other quints already accepted the ending even if they weren't necessarily happy about it.

Turns out the reason they sided the unlikable bitch is because they themselves love to bitch at things Fucking kek.

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I saw Nagi posting in a Yas Forums bait thread last week where he went on a Yas Forums-like racist ran. I'm not surprised considering how he posts.

Did you also notice that it's mostly Ninofags who actively attack fans of other quints and spam their quint? Not even Yotsubafags or Itsukifags were that bad.

Yeah, 2scum habits have been long known.

Blessed 5's exposing the 2copes.

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Sounds about right. But what bothers me is why it's specifically Ninofags that have this kind of attitude, instead of it being common among fans of all quints. Ichikafags seem to be mostly civil, same with Mikufags, Yotsubafags could get bad at times but never as bad as the Ninofags (and I assume many of the Yotsubafag bad actors are just shitposters and not genuine ones), same with the Itsukifags. I know Nino is pretty much the most hated quint in the fanbase, but Ichika and Yotsuba have a lot of detractors too but you don't see their fans doing the same things that Ninofags do.

Pretty easy to correlate with their shit taste if you ask me.

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I'm still happy.

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>niggers with shit taste behave like the apes they are, throwing shit at everyone else
Don't forget them spamming the shit out of their disgusting blacked fetish just because their slut canonically wets herself for bad boys.

I don't know, like I said a lot of people hate Yotsuba too (she's probably the second-most hated quint after Nino) and even then Yotsubafags tend to be a lot more civil than Ninofags. Even when Yotsuba won a lot of the genuine ones were reserved and didn't shitpost about it, the only ones who did were exceptions like Kevin, or falseflaggers who probably just wanted to start up shit and didn't actually care about Yotsuba.

>one retard spamming bimbobros ninibros 5 hours straight everyday
>thinks 2tards are worst

LOL i'm on to you mikuj

I thought the Ninofag who kept spamming the blacked stuff and the wojaks was just one shitposter?

The samefagging in this thread is pretty abhorrent.
Not that I expected much different from 4fags.

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Now THAT was a great thread. Fuck ninshit.

Ichika was such a good character, wasted on this garbage.

>everyone who hates Nino is "Mikuj" or 4fags