Hold the fuck up. Am I even supposed to be rooting for this monster? Is she anime Walter White?

Hold the fuck up. Am I even supposed to be rooting for this monster? Is she anime Walter White?

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I dont see the connection

She's cute though. Also war crimes don't count when they're in a video game.

Post the Sally pic

>MC is main villain of the story

I know I stopped rooting for her sometime in the last arc there. I guess it's fine for 12 episodes, but long term it might not be so interesting

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She IS the one who knocks, user.

>There are some things you'll learn from losing
Yeah, that you suck.

Post Syrup

She became too op immediately
>takes 5 hits of poison and becomes immune
>kills 1 boss and gets the best gear in the game

No, Eren Yeager is.

she ate the boss
nobody had ever tried that so she got a unique

I'm waiting for the doujin where the admin of the game blackmails her into having sex by threat of removing her items/account.

>nobody had ever tried that
Was the game new? If not this seems weird. If the option is available someone is bound to use it sooner or later.

It was before the first patch, so of course the game was new.

I always cheer for my goodfriend Maple. She just wants to have fun.

yes it was right at the start. every episode you see devs parching and nerfing the big op bullshit they left open, pretty plausible considering some mmorp releases

>She became too op immediately
What do you expect of this kind of story?, most authos haven't even played a damn mmo game in their life.

>It was before the first patch, so of course the game was new.
Character stats are just numbers in a database, op shit like that it's fixed in the next maintenance.

>I played WOW once in MOP i am an expert in MMOs
No (You) for bait

>Nip otakus are such shits they don't even want to put effort in a fucking videogame and prefer the fantasy of being handed op stats and fame instead of having a fictional challenge
Rock bottom.

Sally cunny!

If her definition of fun is massacring every player and guild in-game, then you might want to reconsider.

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I expected it to at least act like an mmo. I don't get the point of this post desu, overlord did it fine by being completely end game

That wouldn't make for a good story though.

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>join pvp event
>complain about pvp happening
Payne was right, whiners STFU and grind harder.

She's just been taught under the Nanoha School of Befriending, no big deal.

>whiners STFU and grind harder
user, MC did the complete opposite of grind. She basically walked onto greatness.

They should've made it about a girl who joins a guild and is cute so she's handed all of these end game items and then is op

the virgin strat reader: you
the chad explorationist: Maple

This is an actually interesting premise.

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Yeah, because somehow in the entire game, only Maple thought to explore the world. Nobody else, not even the veterans bothered to explore. Exploring is simply not a thing that players in Bofuri world do.

Why is Sally so sexy?

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