Now that it is confirmed that Gakuto will be a jobber, do you think that Roa will join Yuga and Rook to form a zexal like trio of competent duelists or will Yuga and Rook stay as a duo?
Also how many episodes do you think we have left before coronavirus cancels the anime? How will you react when it happens?

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He will 100% be a pain in the ass type rival, at least without Romin around the group.

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How do you know his name? Are there spoilers for episode 5?

They need to stop showing romin's shoulders that's too lewd for a kid's show i bet the clothes designer for this show makes doujins secretly

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Official anime twitter, he is Roa Kirishima.

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That's super lame

Every yugioh need to have brother-sister characters

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Roa and Romin will be antagonists like Shark and Rio. I hope Romin gets a sexy evil outfit.

That's why it's lame, they keep doing the same shit in every series

one episode left.

>mfw turbo chink aids kills 7 elevens, leaving VRAINS as the undisputed king of card games anime

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Her shoes look like a turd in the thumbnail

It not always the same shit, most of the brother-sister relations are different.

A brother and sister duo is a tradition just like the main girl getting brainwashed at some point.

You look like a turd user.

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God this is one of the most uninspired anime I ever saw in my life.

>Jonouchi and Shizuka
>Fubuki and Asuka
>Lua and Ruka
>Shark and Rio
>Shun and Ruri
>Aoi and Akira and Ema and Kengo

It was inevitable. And the guy always has to be the older one.

thanks user i really wanted a screencap of that

I'm really liking Romin voice, her VA is good.

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What if he's a step-brother?

Still counts, like Aoi and Akira. Although even Vrains had a blood-related older brother younger sister duo with Ghost Girl and her bro.

Really looking forward next episode.

Is it just me or is Romin super cute?

She a nice girl.

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i want this show to have a time skip where they grow up and romin gets more curves but she remains flat and wears the same kind of clothes

>how many episodes do you think we have left before coronavirus cancels the anime?
>How will you react when it happens?
be glad because these threads will be mostly gone (not daily and with less shitposters)

Boy, how new?

Apologize heathens

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the reuvla poster won't stick around user, he'll just go back to /dng/

Unfortunately this shitty generals will stay forever. Blame ARC-V bringing in tumblr posters.

Fuck off, let her be loli forever.

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Everyone in this show is autistic.

I don't give a shit about the show but I'm excited for the porn that the purple haired girl will spawn

Yugioh was dead on Yas Forums until Arc-V. I'd rather have threads than no threads at all

>mostly gone
No, 24/7 threads still happened even after 6 months of no anime, any break now would be like nothing

>bringing in tumblr posters
More like precure posters

What kind of fucked up childhood did you have? That's how normal children behave.