Shingeki no Kyojin

Will they make up?

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I want them to reconcile

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They will. It's the plot after all..

No but AM will weep bitter tears as they cut down Eren for protecting them.

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Stop posting in this thread, stopfollowing this shit manga. The manga ended in Marley at chapter 100

The hype is dead. The hype remains dead. And Isayama has killed it.

minus Armong of course

user 1 and user 2 are right
we should stop making snk threads

Unironically kill yourself, this doomposting is so low IQ and stupid

>why hello there fellow /snk/bros
Fuck off huntertrash

I've never read hiatusxhaitus, I'm a former anniefag

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Fucking kek

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>Nooooo why aren't you enjoying these dogshit chapters? Stop saying mean things about my favorite manga!

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>Pattern repetition= parallels
Parallel fags should be put to death

this desu. The worst thing is to see anons coping as if it wont be a standard shonen avengers ending lmao

I see no reasonable way for Eren to even survive, he's obviously not gonna wipe all of humanity and the only way to stop him right now would be killing him.

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Dogkasa a cute

>I see no reasonable way for Eren to even survive
Because some shifters are opposing him? He is the founder, he can do whatever he wants. Eren will win.

>I see no reasonable way for Eren to even survive,
You actually think friendship is going to stop the founding titan? holy shit alliancefags

*spritz spritz*

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>The worst thing is to see anons coping as if it wont be a standard shonen avengers ending lmao
No one is doing that, anyone with a brain knew where the narrative was going and what kind of ending we were getting. Just because you're a braindead smoothbrain that somehow forgot this always was a typical shounen doesn't mean everyone else did. Anons will still discuss it and enjoy somewhat it until the very end, the end may not be as interesting as a lot of us want it to be but you retards act like you forgot what kind of series this was kek I'm in awe at your retardation sometimes.


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the alliance cope will be go much fun to read when this manga is over.

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The truth of the matter is, it was always shonen. Armong surviving should have pointed your attention to it like a club on the head.

nobody with an IQ over 10 thinks armin is as good as erwin

>all this cope
you can keep typing if it makes you feel better, I genuinely dont mind. I was in the bargaining stage before too

everytime isayama tries to make armin look good he just looks like a bitch holy shit

You are threatened by EH!

I didn't understand the armin hate until this arc. Holy shit is he fucking worthless

>Erwin being willing to kill himself to protect the only hope of protecting his homeland is the same as Armin dying for the boyfriend of the little girl who killed a friend of his.
How is this the same author that gave us the ER and EZ chapters?

This guy would be perfect to play adult Eren.

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You tell me.

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this is the worst fucking part. isayama has spit on sasha's grave and erwin's legacy in this arc. its like he doesnt even fucking care.

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>I didn't understand the armin hate until this arc.
We know shitrencuck, and this is when it all started for you.

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>a slave is going to save the world

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Isayama wants a peace ending, given how the themes between uri/karl the cuck kenny were brought up again, thing is that he hasn't really given a way out like he did with thosd two and he's making gabi and the mong the central characters in this, and they're garbage that everybody hates, and let's not bring up the ooc moments and shit writing.

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Is this the REAL final page?

No, CHADmin is more free than shitren could ever hope to be. Dogren is a fatalist 3/10 slave to his tunnel future visions.

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Eren's face in this picture creeps me out for some reason

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I'm really glad someone called out that horny maggot for his visits to Shitnnie

okay alliance fag, hope next time the bully corners you at your locker you try and talk him out of giving you a wedgie

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Tbh as an Armimfag it felt insulting to see Isayama compare CHADmin to le epic suicide charge man when he has already long surpassed that suicidal faggot.

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Have some dignity Armongfag