ITT: Make an anime based on the most niche sport you can think of

ITT: Make an anime based on the most niche sport you can think of

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equestrian diving, now fuck off

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Didn't silver spoon already do this?

that Mayan ballgame with a severed head as a ball

Cup stacking.

It doesn't have to be that niche, why isn't there an anime about chess already?

You mean western shogi?


Quidditch, pickleball, and although it's not niche, it's not a traditionally played competitive sport: ultimate frisbee. I think an ultimate frisbee anime would be pretty cool.

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Would actually be cool to see this. Like seeing Aztec/Mayan/Incan culture as a central focus in an anime in general. A fucking SoL around this would be amazing if written well.

i think chessboxing could work well

competitive slapping

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Marble racing.

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what's the competitive aspect of it? like how you craft the marble you are going to use?

>Intense rivalries everywhere because its mostly country lads from different towns with fierce banter
>All the lads are at a minimum 6" and jacked so they can bowl through eachother
>Chronic injuries and a couple deaths occur because safety equipment is optional, full body tackles are legal, and the wooden hurls break into sharp wooden stakes and storms of splinters during clashes pretty often
>No player is paid a salary for it, it is entirely supported by passion for the sport and a desire to prove you're better than your neighbours
>Drunken shenanigans after every match
Could be pretty fun

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that would probably require a lot of research from the author part.

Wife carrying
Sauna championship



For the chess part, just show board setups at start and end of rounds with annotations (after it maybe shows characters thinking through moves). Dwells more on boxing part and characters trying to remember and figure which ways they are trying to get the win.

I’m upset there hasn’t been anything really about hockey. There are so many opportunities for fight scenes within the sport as well as all the rigorous training players go through. It would be exciting to see maybe a group of high school or college students in a hockey team working on not only getting better but convincing people around them that it’s worth playing and watching.

Does any people other than the irish country lads play this sport?

Irish city lads (less popular than other options for them though, while for country lads its often THE sport) and afaik a few clubs in america, australia, and a few other places with irish diaspora's descendents.

competitive bagpiping

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SoL about an old ladies team of croquet.

Manga about lesbian lolis shitting and their feces turning into disposable kamikaze magical girls of shit.


those are some wierd looking pixels

Every sports anime follows the exact same formula. The sport is secondary.

There's already been a few of them, like that Arcade Gamer Fubuki OVA.

An anime or manga about traditional blacksmithing would be cool. Not just arms and armor, but other sorts of tools and devices.