Pale kino thread

Pale kino thread

How would you rank these Yas Forums?

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1. Haibane
2. Lain
3. Kino
4. Texh


just finished haibane this weekend. it was healing

Power gap

Haibane is the only non overly forced and pretentious garbage from the bunch and therefore the only one worth watching unless you are a hipster that enjoys dishonest anime.

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Power gap
>Boogiepop Phantom


tex > lain > haibane > kino

incredibly dishonest and pretentious use of buzzwords my man


Never watched Kino

I can never get into show like haibane where you know the characters are gonna die.

It just feels like there's no point in investing in the characters if they're gonna fade away in a few episodes. I had the same issue with plastic memories.

But they are already dead from the beginning?

You know what I mean, and if you don't you're a retard.

If I already know characters are going to cease to exist, in haibane's case the "day of flight", what's the point in investing my feelings in them.

Welcome to Yas Forums

Which Boogiepop to watch the 2000 or the new one?


What's wrong with new one? Any major difference?

HR = Kino > Lain >>>>>>>>>>>> Texh

Not sure which I like more between HR and Kino. HR is an original anime while Kino is based on a LN that's a step above it so just in terms of making something great I think HR has it beat.

This doesn't happen in the actual show though outside of Kuu, which serves as a plot point to develop the characters that stay. You might as well not watch anything in your case since every character ever is going to die of old age at some point after the story is over.

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1. Lain
2. Kino
3. Snorefest
4. Snorefest

Haibane > Texh > Kino >>>>>>>>> Lain

Nothing, it's just Phantom is non-canon and it's own separate story and Others(2019) is an adaptation of the first six novels.

So FMA & FMA:Brotherhood? Alright thanks. I'll watch them both. Already seen Tex, Lain, Kino, & Haibane.

Texhnolyze > Kino no Tabi > Haibane Renmei > Lain
RIP Nakamura

I didn't realize Kino has a new adaptation. Is it worth it?

You shouldn't ask that on Yas Forums. Tons of people are biased for the original adaptation and will tell you the new one is trash even though it's fine. If you're too attached to the 2003 one though some things in the 2017 version may trigger you though since it adapts the LN without regard to what was changed for the 2003 adaptation.

No problem, if you're interested in more after watching them I would recommend the novels since Wa Warawanai is a competent enough adaptation but it does cut one character in the first arc and certain crucial scenes from the first book and VS Imaginator

Sora no Woto > Kino > Haibane > Lain > Texhnolyze

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>Already seen Tex, Lain, Kino, & Haibane.
Woah really you've already seen those anime who wouldve guessed

It is. People make too big of a deal about the sheep episode (which is unintentionally hilarious) and the 3DCG (which is used ONLY for non-animal objects, which is fine, as it's only unacceptable for animals).
It's better in some ways, like the fact that Kino isn't a fucking potato.

>It's better in some ways, like the fact that Kino isn't a fucking potato.
Oh, also, no shitty retard scanlines.

Lain = Lain = Lain = Lain