How do you feel about elves?

How do you feel about elves?

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Only good if darkened

Angry, but also erect.

Around them, I watch myselves.

Born for rape and NTR


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Always have the potentials to become top tier doujins also what said

It's a beggar thread user, OP is just baiting for lewd images. Just report and ignore.

better when they are choco

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is elven coffee good for you?

based and checked

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Erect and sexually aggressive


I want a cute Elf.

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They should be flat.

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I have all the respect in the world for elf women.

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Like this?

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Marcille is a cute elf

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Space Elves.

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Cursed trips

made for orcs

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Elves are for shotgun marriages.

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They were better back in the day.

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i wanna breed an elf

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Reading this but FFS, the author started to drag in his JRPG shit, character screens, levels, and "oh my hero you are amazing, you may be stupid nip 20years old casual and I have studied magic for 70 years, but I don't know anything and you have 3x higher level and all the amazing skills!"
Fucking selfinsertisms ruining everything.

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They should be FAT!

Only good elf is a dark elf

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How ironic

Fuck elves!

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>it works both ways
I've been saying this for quite some time now

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God, I wish.

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Japan is just completely fucked up when it comes to their porn, that's all that should be said about this trainwreck.


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shut up cosplay Urameshi

I thought he knew her for longer than we saw her too, so it would make less sense to surprise her with his ability when he could just surprise her with technology. She should have shown her nipples too.

Now that you say it, the bath salts pakckets do look like something else that has a round shape packets.

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I happilly would