Do women like her even exist

Do women like her even exist...

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No not really

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Sometimes I cry

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No and they never will. I want to kys myself

Of course. There are tons of female burn victims. You just got to know where to look.

Literally why should i fucking continue

There are no VDV gurrls in real life, sorry OP.

if you want an unironic answer? Yes. But they are very few and far between. To get to be like her you'd have to have seen a lot of shit and have to be hard as nails.

Most women are just not gonna come close to that because women are way more likely to get assistance to get out of a certain hardship compared to men (just compare women homeless shelters to men etc). Women put in hardship is put to a minimum.

Great answer, and very true. So yeah, OP, the truth is you have to work on the military either as a soldier or a mercenary, that's the truth.

Men like her don't even exist.

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Fuck it feels great to finally be understood by others


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>To get to be like her you'd have to have seen a lot of shit and have to be hard as nails
That brings the question if being "tough" is an acquired trait or an inherent one. People trained to be "tough" are just posers? Can an apparently meek and unasuming person really discover how much of a hardass he/she is when suddenly put through the fray?

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>TFW you will never fight wars with the captain.

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Does the Major count?

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Can't unhear Bernkastel.

>be russian irl
>watched Black Lagoon when I was around 14 y-o
>Balalaika single-handedly made me realise that I have a huge femdom fetish
gib балалайка mommy pls

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She's not too sadistic though

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Being "tough" is a trait that someone can both inherit and learn to obtain. Some people are naturally hardwired to be tough than others while other people learn to be "tough" for various reasons

Its a mix of things but more often than not its because of your environment. Generally speaking, if I raised you with a silver spoon in your mouth and gave you everything you want, what is the likelyhood of you turning into a badass? A lot less likely than a guy raised on pennies and has to deal with violence on a regular basis. The difference is society actively forces women to NOT have to deal with hardships with violence. Naturally they'll take some to but usually it isn't as bad on average. Studies have shown if you're a man walking alone at night you're much more likely to receive violence than a woman. It makes it more likely a man will have to toughen up and become something again to your power fantasy than a woman.

>Powerful, cut-throat, murderous bitch with an inability to sympathize with basic humanity

I got you senpai

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Reminds me of Sheele from Akame ga Kill. She used to be a clumsy meek doormat until she killed someone and discovered that she was pretty good at it, the plot describes her as a natural killer. Despite having zero preparation for it before her first victim. Is that possible.

Yeah this makes sense but at the same time there are many people that grew among violence and poverty but instead of badasses they grew up into weak cowards. So I guess it's subjective.

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you forgot about her being both russian and hot

Hillary would have given every American male a state-sponsored dominatrix, and ushered in a glorious new era of femdom. It was her turn.

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How many people have to die before you let the Russian thing go

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Seth Rich was enough.


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i feel your pain user