Evangelion Rebuilds

I am going to watch the rebuilds tonight, or at least 1.0. Do evangelion fans generally consider the rebuilds to be good? Why or why not? What are some of the pros and cons of the rebuilds?

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also, I have seen a little of 1.0. Is it just a retelling of Neon Gensis?

1.0 and 2.0 are good.

3.0 is peak Anno and fucking garbage.

shinji is 28 in the third movie. Also he piano fucks kaworu

Most people on Yas Forums seem to consider the Rebuilds much inferior to the original. I tend to agree. Can't really give pros and cons without spoiling things
1.0 is the most similar to the original, though many things are still rushed. The major changes are from 2.0 onwards

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>asking no spoilers
>on fucking Yas Forums

get the fuck out and lurk more

Rebuilds aren't really worth watching. The only good EVA material is the original series and EoE, the first half of the manga is alright, then it turns to dogshit, the rebuilds have no reason to exist

>Rebuilds aren't really worth watching.
I liked the music.

True, the music was good, what else can you expect from Sagisu.

Rebuilds are a tighter story with better animation.

At least they WERE until 3.0 shit the bed.

if you like visuals it's worth it. Gendo and what's his name on the moon is pretty sweet

The only thing the rebuilds do better with any consistency is animation quality. THAT'S IT.

In general the rebuilds are a travesti of the original series that shit on everything that made them great to the point where you question the abilities of everyone involved with it and especially Anno. I t makes you wonder if this is him actually trying to sabotage the movies to spite the stupid otaku fans who got obssessed with the IP for the wrong reasons? I dunno. They are bad in all the ways contemporary anime is bad and in all the ways the original wasn't. They are worth watching and I guess of above average quality relative to the baseline of whatever year they were made in, but I highly recommend watching the original series plus EoE if you want to see what Evangelion is actually about.

Without spoiling anything the rebuilds are just a sort of retelling of the original series except maybe not really and also the timeline and events are all messed up and I guess I can kinda see how it could be cool what they're trying to do but it all just crashes and burns in spectacular fashion.

Watch the Sahaquiel fight from 2.22 on youtube or something cause that shit is amazing and all the more exasperating to see such wasted potential and skip literally everything else.

>They are bad in all the ways contemporary anime is bad and in all the ways the original wasn't.

Eva was bad in a lot of different ways though.

No rational person can think Evangelion is good. It's different and interesting, but that's it.

I have seen Neon gensis - EoE.

>No rational person can think Evangelion is good.
Here's your (You). Now fuck off

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Well, I didn't say what you said, I said what I said, which isn't what you are saying or implying I said, so get fucked

OP here. The reason I like evangelion so much is because of the introspection and character depth. Are the characters boring in this one?

They're far more shallow. One of the biggest flaws in Rebuild. Wait till you see Mari, the most "literally nothing" character ever

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Than I guess watch it because why not. But be advised that everything that you most likely love about the show is going to be completely different now. Meaning, the movies have no sense of atmosphere, everything feels fake and forced. Over the top action where the Evas and the angels have no sense of weight and at one point you even get a fucking kamehameha.

Actually, that's all you need to know going in. EVA01 throws a fucking kamehameha at an angel. There you go. That should tell you if you want to see this shit or not.

Also, do you like the Transformers movies? If you do, this may be the remake for you.

You're not going to get that, sorry user.

only seen first two but so far Rei is more developed whereas Asuka barely gets meaningful screen time yet you're expected to care for her in a pivotal moment. Pretty much relies on you having seen the OG series for that to work. And yeah Mari is shit

Mari is a funnier character than Eva has ever had.

It's going to be great.

I like them more because you can actually tell their motives and feelings. They're not all variations on "herp derp relationships are pain". They're trying to be better.

She was introduced in 2.0, and all her character development in 3.0 was diverted to shoddy world building for Anno's fever dream. My girl was done dirty.

Fuck man, now I'm watching the tPM review again.

This is accurate because Anno is a hack

Rebuild 3.0 was a massive fuck you to the fans and I'm still mad about it. 3.0+1.0 has a lot of apologizing to do.

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At least Mari has a good design. Kinda basic but still nice.

Are you new to anime?

We actually learned a fair bit about her in 2.0, there was just no follow up.

She was a good girl but those maniacs blew it up.

Kinda? I only am interested in 6 animes.

I'm mostly a Yas Forums guy.

you mean, like a cow?

>the shit fest that is 2.0
>tighter story

>dislikes 3.0 even though it's the tightest story of the three

>i'm about to watch this, tell me what to think about it
jesus fucking christ