Worth watching? I watched this scene and thought it was cute

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watch the first two episodes and drop it

Yeah, preferably vivid's subs

Yeah it's good

the first two episodes are a trap to get you to watch an idol show with 3dcg.

I overall enjoyed it though.

what an atrocious model. looks like an emoji with a wig

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You gay or something?

I was pretty sad that they didn't end up doing different genres every episode.
Cute egg.


But still cute show.

S2 never.

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The first 2 episodes are bait for generic idolshit

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watch this and decide for yourself

yes its great

I am betting season 2 has some more slice of genre episodes if Yugiri's song is anything to go by.

I'm pretty sure its planned for Fall but because of Covid19 it might be delayed

the only generic idolshit is episodes 6 and 7

Watch it because it's a great show, then watch it again because the dub is surprisingly good too.

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>I was pretty sad that they didn't end up doing different genres every episode.
It was a great premise and then they just gave up. If it had been regular idol stuff from the very beginning, I might have stuck with it, but I lost my motivation to continue when it became so standard.

you should watch it, its really good

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AOTS in its own time, why not?

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I want to hear Junko sing Crazy Train.

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We still got a Jazz music video.

>they just gave up
Idiot. It was planed like this from the beginning.

someone post the cute Junko webm

Best fucking OP in a longass fucking time.

Based Jpop.

I remember there being a version that quiets the instrumentals and lets you focus on the singing.
Also Junko's singing voice makes me rock hard


never forgetti

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A healthy boy.

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please dont tease this cute girl

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