What am I missing here? The pacing of this thing is horrible, the "humor" is beyond annoying and cringy...

What am I missing here? The pacing of this thing is horrible, the "humor" is beyond annoying and cringy. I feel like I can watch 5 episodes in a row and literally nothing happens. I'm in episode 38 and I I'm just forcing myself through it because I hate not finishing what I start, but holy shit I'm getting bored. It picked up in the Greed arc and I enjoyed it, but now the north fortress arc is unbearable, fucking nothing happens. Why the fuck is this shit so acclaimed? Please explain, I'm seriously trying really hard to like it.

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I think the difference lies in how you like pacing. For me, the pacing was just fine and aside from a few shitty episodes that felt like filler, (the one where they help deliver a baby and Ed’s pocket watch gets stolen) I felt like I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Yeah the humor’s sort of cringey. The sappy parts make some of the characters (especially Ed and Al) seem weak, but most of that can excused for their young age and the pressure they’re constantly put under. Honestly user if I had to say why it’s so good is due to story, the mystery unraveling, the beautiful animation and good fight scenes. Lots of the characters are memorable and likeable as well. Sorry if it’s not your cup of tea.

I don't see how you can hate the pacing when it flows so well. Humor is subjective so if you don't like it I assume you don't like most anime humor. How does nothing happen in that arc in your eyes? We meet a new baddie and a major character comes back into action along with the stakes being raised.

Did you watch the original anime?

Why even bring up the original?

It's not that great, but it's also not bad either, it's really average and not very risk taking. As a result the enlightened anime critics can't point out many clear flaws so they think it's perfect, when in reality there are many series with more flaws that are far better simply because they try more.

Read the manga instead. If you still don't like it and think the pacing is off then just drop it.

Because its better

Brotherhood was intended for people who had already seen the original. Many people feel unhappy with the rushed pacing in the first 14 episodes. That's because these episodes were made for people who had already seen it before.

However, when they have issues with the pacing as deep as episode 38, and the problem is it being too slow and not rushed, that's not the problem here.


So it's like the The last airbender the, something that's raised for not having any flaws rather than doing anything actually new or impressive.

>he watched Brothershit instead of 2003

I don't get that rushed vibe at all.

Try to get past the fortress arc, the pace of the last 20 episodes is full speed ahead

Why would you ever watch the show with no ending?

2003 ends tho

>pacing is horrible
Stopped reading there. But I'm glad I decided to read the rest of your bait. If you're forcing yourself to watch something you allegedly hate, you clearly are retarded or shitposting.

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It ends with a fucking sky pan and no resolution. Neck yourself.

Plenty of people force themselves to watch anime they hate.
I've forced myself to watch 2 seasons of Slayers, and also have forced myself to finish many anime that I didn't like.

>muh tightly wrapped and sparkle bow ending
how does it feel to forever be a child trapped in your last fond memory of Christmas morning?

Honestly, it just sounds like you have ADHD from watching too many Twitch streamers, zoomer.

MAL, you can't be serious.

Brotherhood is like standard shonen. Do you not like Naruto and the others? They too have similar pacing and similar humor.

I like FMA but posting fucking MAL isn't an argument.

>open ended bullshit with dimension jumps is good
End life


I don't understand how FMA B became the default way of experiencing FMA instead of just reading the manga which is consistently good all the way through.

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>consistently good
>gook loli exists

Mushishi is one of my favorite animes and 2001 A space Odyssey is my favorite movie. There's a difference between intentional slow pace for poethic/artistic purposes and just straight up bad pace where literally nothing happens.

>the "humor" is beyond annoying and cringy
This was my main complaint. I hate that chibi “humor” shit.

I really like Naruto and I don't agree, Zabuza rc is 100 times more interesting than anything I've seen so far. And it's not really a standard shonnen, it gives way more importance to characters and plot, the problem is that the main 2 characters are incredibly annoying and the plot is horribly paced.

>Mushishi is one of my favorite animes