What exactly is the appeal of two girls engaging in homosexual activity?

What exactly is the appeal of two girls engaging in homosexual activity?

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It's cute.

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It's hot

Because you get all the fun and drama of het relations with the added drama of lesbian relationships.
Its great.

Flufffaggots are cancer though.

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if you don't get it,you are a massive faggot

its gross

It appeals to the degenerate porn-addicted trannies who also happen to watch anime. I will now hide this thread.

Because I am attracted to women and the more women their are the more attracted I am. The only reason not to like yuri is if you are a delusional self-inserter.

yeah go hiding, accept your loss, you coward.

tranny self insert

I'm not a fan.

this serious does the same thing as every other school romance but its about lesbian so its special. might as well be fantasy with how easy their lives are

When it's ugly like your pic related,
there's none.

tranny self insert fantasy

What's not to love?

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I genuinely wonder what the target audience of yuri is. Is it guys who are so into shoujo that they don't want heterosexual romances anymore? Or women?

Because it's obscene.

It's cute and sexy 2D girls loving each other instead of retarded faggots that don't have a right to be called men. That simple.

it's cute and cunnilingus is the hottest thing in the world after anilingus

master faggot

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See those angry replies less than a minute apart? That's the guy who said he would hide the thread.

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>tfw you will never be a lesbian visiting prostitutes in Japan

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It is a side effect of today's people fearing God less and less. When they least expect it they will find themselves in the Second Coming and it will be too late to repent.

Forbidden love is the best form of love

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If it makes Yas Forums seethe than it's good

Porn without having to look at dicks.

99% being shitty "realistic" settings no one gives a fuck about instead of anything fun.

That's not particularly difficult these days

Straight men and gay women.
Shoujo fans would probably prefer BL over yuri regardless of gender.

Two bobs two vageens

Partially gay girls.
Partially men that just like gay drama.

And then when we get into the shitty "subtext" subgenre of yuri which is essentially just CGDCT, its aimed at trannies, purityfags, and otaku who hate the idea that a man is somewhat near a girl they want to fuck.

Really just depends, there's a lot of gay artists that just want to draw gay manga. And there's a lot of dudes who just want to draw CGDCT. And there's a huge mix between the two.

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It only makes the minority of retards mad now shut the fuck up. It's never been stated or proven once Yas Forums hates yuri, only the braindead hetero and man hating defects that don't belong here or in any threads.

Four boobs, friendo.

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Oral sex is overrated shit and I'm sick of it cluttering porn.

Anything that isn't dicking or tribbing isn't sex. Your opinion is trash.

I'm your regular straight wizard user who loves everything from lolibutts to busty tomboys, but yuri has always had a special place in my heart. Many of my favorites are either yuri or implied/light yuri. I don't honestly know exactly why, but it just feels better to me. Not that I have a problem with heterosexual romance in anime, but given the choice I prefer yuri. And I've met more than a few anons like myself.

>Eight limbs

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