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Who is your favorite group leader?

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honoka has the cutest character design, and chika has the cutest voice. the other girl has a cuter design than chika, but i haven't heard her voice yet.

Rat is shit and the pink doormat is just a figurehead.

Honoka. Chika is just a dollar store Honoka and Ayumu is the most milktoast girl ever.

Honk, but we haven’t seen Ayumu in action yet

>Three Love Live threads now
Feels good

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Honk best

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Too bad flopfags are all over the place.

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Ayumu because she's the hottest by far and my canon gf.

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Left doesn't even look genki



The one on the left isn't even fit to lead.

Honoka is the only leader I really care about. I don't care much about the Aqours girls except for Dia (I do like the other girls, but they're more meh in terms of how much I really like them). PDP, I care even less about them to the point I don't even memorize most of their names.

>The one on the left isn't even fit to lead.
Correct, any one of the other three second-years could do a better job.

Left Seiyuu is cuter than the middle and right seiyuu.


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Not right, Anchan is the cutest.

Here's your new leader user.

Ayumu isn't a leader you tards
She's just the main girl (but now she shares that spot with (You), the club president)
The nijigasaki club isn't a group like the others, they're solo idols that sometimes collaborate

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Nico Nico Nii~~

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That's obviously going to change for the anime you retard. All the anime are about the same thing and there's not enough screen time to focus on 9 solo idols.

All of them are perfect

I don't know shit about Ayumu besides the fact that she's your childhood friend that you manipulate into wear cute clothes and dance with other 8 girls that you fuck on the side. But that's info is enough to make her my favourite.

Honoka's seiyuu is a jav star
Chika is pure and has a cute seiyuu
The pink haired one is soulless and has a fake flat seiyuu

And thus the fiend OrcTaku lurks out again. Do not think I am not patrolling every single Love Live thread on Yas Forums at once.

I draw my sword, prepare to die.

I never liked Honoka too much, and honestly Chika is kinda boring, but at least it doesn't feel like she's carried by more competent members, so I vote for Chika. However, the new pantyhose wearing leader seems promising.

Yes, her fanboyism is adorable.

Best leader

>dances naked on stage

Except for Ai, who would force everybody to speak with puns, dress like gyarus and other horrible things