How different is the anime from the Light Novels? I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I want to get into Oregairu by anime but the previous thread said that the anime was poor adaptations. And I don't know what they mean by that.

Should I just forget about the anime and just read the Light Novels?

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Forget about the anime and just read the Light Novels. The anime leaves out so many things that it ain’t worth the hassle. Especially when they become important later.

Just get the Light Novels for the full experience. The anime leaves out a lot of important bits that makes the story confusing later on.

If you guys don't mind me asking, what does the anime leaves out?

The anime is fine on its own, theres some things it leaves out but theres no real reason why you cant just watch the anime and then read up on what you missed.

Perfidious LNfags will always try to trick you into reading the novels so you can waste your time just like they did, don't fall for their tricks and just watch the anime.

or people can form their own opinion and pick up the LN if they like the anime.

LN are too hard to find and most of the time not worth it, just watch the anime

The anime is completely fine. Watch that if you prefer anime over light novels

>hard to find
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What they leave out is important to understand the story.

Both of these are true. I'm an anime only but was planning to read the novels after season 3 ended and see for myself. That being said, you do have and who just try to get you to waste your time doing something that you clearly don't want to. If you're going to waste your time by answering anyway, why not just give OP the answer he wants?

I did

>lol don't read the light novel isn't a proper answer
Give a reason why he should watch the anime over the LN, and not your personal bias. Try to objective.

Unlike the anime, characters and their motives are more fleshed out in the LN since there's a lot of inner monologues.

>director from season 1 removes cat & dog, Pan-san story from mall date, 8man agonizing over the car accident from volume 5 and his bike ride during the typhoon in volume 6 and removes Yukino trying to stop Sagami from spreading rumors.

>director from season 2 cuts even more important scenes and shills for Iroha By making her look good in OVA and made her look like she saved Christmas Event when it was all Yukino in the LN.
Read the Light Novel user.

What happen to S3?

Season 3 was delayed due to the China virus.

It’s that bad? Will I still understand it without the Light Novel context.

Compromise and read both versions of the manga.

So which do I read first? Monologue or @comic.

8man inner monologue is one of the best things. The novel is worth reading for that alone.

References to old robot cartoons and other romcom harem LNs

>characters and their motives are more fleshed out in the LN
I read several volumes from the LN before watching the anime, and didn't feel like the anime cut that much stuff out, except for shitty jokes and references to 1990s anime

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It’s not important to the story.

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It leaves out more than that.

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Why not the other way around? Yukino is the youngest child after all.