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Mods are Fags Edition.

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Reading the new fanfiction right this second. The futa wasn't really necessary though.

Although you're probably right, don't make edition.

>don't make edition.
Mods are fags.... subtraction? Ba dum ta tish.

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Shit, how'd I miss that?

>mods ban TL then start deleting discussion threads
Have the mods gone full anti-Overlord now? It's an LN series that has both an anime and manga. How is it suddenly not allowed?

What's the point of posting that link when there are no 0bin links on that page anymore? You still need to fix that, user.

It's an official licensed franchise, they put pressure on 4channel to stop IP theft and one of the conditions was to not link to fan fiction or copy righted material directly. I don't even know the rules, mods just enforce what ever tickles their ass hole randomly.

My best guess would that you accidentally clicked on the "Comments" block, which hides it.
Try doing that again.

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>multiple fan translation threads constantly getting posted
>but just this one is not allowed
That's just retarded.

>Hitori's comment corner:
>20 total hours of sleep this week, Mick Gordon's the only thing keeping me awake right now...the nightmare isn't over yet...

>You think I like instant ramen? I just don't have time to cook...

>My internet has also been shitting itself recently, so that's cool...

>And now I've been IP-banned from Yas Forums for "troll posting"...


What is it about OL TL that wears away at a man's soul?

>That's just retarded.
Maybe, but my point being that none of the major rules as agreed upon when entering this website were broken yet action was still taken. It's like.... well, I don't want to say it but we're all thinking it. I'll just drop the subject. I just want to discuss Overlord and big anime tiddies. My two greatest passions.

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user, I don't think that OL is a main problem here.
If he continue to push himself in such a manner I wouldn't be surprised to see sleep-deprivation induced paragraphs which are not actually there.

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Platinum dragon lord is going to get his shit pushed in, isn’t he?

>big anime tiddies
Sol has no match

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>Banning Hitori because he's translating the fanfic.
That's really low, even for the S*o*O*Y mods

>Sol has no match
I need evidence. Can't make such claims and not provide proofs.

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Part two is out and I have come to like Renner.

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Why is Ainz slaughtering everyone again? He shouldn't let a retard like Phillip force his hand and make him decimate swaths of the population over a grain shipment if that's what this is about.

too weak and scared to say 'no' to his genocidal underlings

>People Butt-hurted because pesants are daying
.. after what nazarik did with the HK

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>not link to fan fiction or copy righted material directly
I don't think that's the case.

That is getting old. He should grow a spine.
I'm not butthurt. Humans are cattle. I just don't see the benefit here when he's making everyone think he's a monster right after he waged a campaign to look like the hero who saved a kingdom from the demon emperor.

Because it serves as an useful test and experience for his Guardians. Plus he has to stick with what he said about the whip and sugar thing I guess.

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That was more natural though and if both sides; Holy Kingdom and Beastmen hadn't hated each other and got along, that wouldn't have happened. It's really different when you say:
>We need to stop those Beastmen from eating our people and fucking our women.
>That guy over there bullied us into giving him carts of grain.... so we are going to slaughter your towns and cities in retribution.

One is justified and an obvious threat to life itself. The other is just plain silly.

I'm not saying that you are user, sorry about that, but there's always moral fags in these threads.

I'd love to know why they're still hanging on after Volume 7 made a clear statement towards them.

>That is getting old. He should grow a spine.
It's still my hope that something will throw a wrench into the massacre plan and it will turn into some keikaku Doori affair. Mobile Armor gives me some hope that salvation might be had but I have been let down before. Like how Enri's Goblin army didn't show up in the Holy Kingdom despite setting her up or how Renner and Ainz haven't even talked to each other. Some times, it's the author sprinkling world building but I am of the opinion that if something is foreshadowed, then it should be followed up on. It's an untold promise of sorts.