Shallow and dishonest melodrama: the series

Shallow and dishonest melodrama: the series

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thats enough for today, dont you think?

100% agreed.
This isn't your safespace. Go back

>literally the same filename as his last thread
It's all so tiresome.

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the only bad thing about veg was the trolling that predominates every kyoani show

I agree, though I think people under and overrate the show to kingdom come. It isn't as dogshit as people make ti out to be but I have no idea how it could score anything more than mediocre or something like a six out of ten in anyone's book; surprisingly it has a huge devoted following (or cult if you're a hater) though.

>Shallow and dishonest melodrama: the series
You just described Yorimoi.

The pendulum swings my friend, the truth is that it's a very mediocre series with shills in either direction. People who don't care about this series (The majority who've watched it), will never comment in the cancerous threads that exist currently

>Shallow and dishonest
Agreed, I cannot fucking stand people who praise shit like this. They are like sheep
>*Insert forced PLEASE CRYYYY moments with unestablished characters*
>Repeat x10

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Yes, but the titular character is mai autismfu.

>op tries and fails to make another bait thread
Here's a pity (you)

Rent free

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Based VEG making all the ADD redditfags seethe

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>Gets told why your fast food cookie cutter melodrama is crap
>>" seethe huhuh"
Embarrassing kek, no wonder you like VEG. Go back

This is basically what happens when a series gets enough fame and shitposting momentum.

Reddit loves VEG though.

>gets told why
Kek where? You wouldn't be able to make a cogent argument if you tried. Stick to parroting the same 5 tired meme phrases, that's all you know how to do anyways.

No you seem to hate it very much

and how would you know that?

Everybody and their grandma talks about VEG (either positive or negative as with this thread) but barely anyone ever talks about Children of the Whales. I think is was a pretty decent show but it seems completely forgotten. Why VEG keeps being relevant but this isn't?

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The chocolate milk is finally working.

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because there's no self insert autist for these retards to gravitate towards

that was just bad. pretty though.

Claudia to the rescue!

Kujira no Kora was mediocre shoujo characters/plot with really good art and setting. That said, being talked about has little to do with quality, VEG was hyped up years before it even aired because it was by KyoAni. KnK was a shoujo manga like five people on Yas Forums knew about and nobody Yas Forums cares about worked on the adaptation either.

Quick! Post a meaningful and honest melodrama!

Domestic na Kanojo

Plenty of dramas that aren't dishonest and shallow like VEG is

>Shallow and dishonest melodrama: the series
I hate things to be contrarian: the post

Based and redpilled: the op

Such as...

>He didn't cry at episode 10...
Your heart is filled with shit, OP!

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Wrong, there's only a void where his heart should be.

No I didn't because it was shallow and dishonest, a mother dying is already inherintly sad but why the fuck would I cry for such a unestablished character? I'm not a npc

OP's heart is a black hole that acts as the septic tank of the universe.

>why the fuck would I cry for such a unestablished character?
Because it's a realistically feasible thing for a mother to do for their child? Do you not love your mom?

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I understand the complain but I don't think it applies in VEG. Most characters are supported by splendid narrative and visuals that set the mood and tell the audience about their personalities and circumstances in a few minutes. It's been done successfully before. Sometimes less is more and this show ran with that in mind.

Paradise Kiss, Sakamichi no Apollon, and Nagi-Asu. At least those are the shows off the top of my head that are definitely melodramatic while not failing too badly in narrative execution and character arcs.