Two years have passed and i stil hate her anons, do you feel the same?

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No, I'm not an useless fat fuck

Why you hate her?

>two years have passed
jesus fucking christ

Seething tubbo.

>muh fatass

Yabuki is a madman

Because she turned down the feelings of the guy that truly lover her and fucked a guy that didnt cared about her out of pure lust, What Mitsuri ever did to gain her affection aside being handsome and slim? That wasnt fair, still she when she saw herself pregant she didnt care if he wanted to take responsability or not, she only wanted to carry his offspring. Her actions were driven by sexual atraction not for real love born out of actions like the one that Futoshi felt for her she was a whore.

Just like real life.

if she was ugly futoshi wont be attracted to her

Hits close to to home doesn't it fatty.

>sauce your anus
Have you read the fucking manga you fucking nigger faggot? He started to develop feelings for her because of her gentle personality, she was the first to ever show him affection.

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Shows long over so why do you fat incels still make these threads?

my fucking sides

Dont need to be aggressive, no one is gonna kill you.

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>seething for two years
>meanwhile Futoshi himself is most likely plowing his soon to be wife

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I have no issue with her doing what she did I just wish she'd told fatty to fuck off from the start instead of basically lying to him.

No. I don't really like her, but granted, I didn't like 90% of the cast anyway.
Cucking in the Franxx was a fun shitstorm though, wished I saved most of the edits and stuff made during episode 11's week.

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then what are faggots complaining about, he found himself a cutie

She was a cheap replacement, his heart always belonged to Kokoro

Wife of 3 for several years > First crush. That's just common sense.

killyourself fatty


For me, it's Miku and Argentea

never watch franxx but I did lurk the threads, fatoshi health condition left a strong impression on me and help me lose over 40 kilos. thanks you based fatbro

They're fags, its what they do.

He crawled so fatbros could walk

Thats what real Japanese girls are like.