Why was this character so popular here? She had like 10 minutes of screen time

Why was this character so popular here? She had like 10 minutes of screen time

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muh dick

Literal pedophiles in denial.

Who is this girl again?
I skipped S3 because reasons and don't remember her at all.

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That's enough time for me to cum twice.
A lewd Nadeko clone will do that.

That's Miko.

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is this the loli thread?

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JC cunny

We will never know user


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Is this the cu-*ahem* loli thread?

>in denial

>in denial.
You're on Yas Forums

She's got a monopoly on one piece swimsuit lewdness.

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I was just going to post this. I guess all I can do now is delclare to the world that I am in love with cunny!!!

Pick one and only one, hagshitters.

>B-but they are not REAL kids, I hate 3D lolis. I only jack off to fictional, 2D underage girls.

>This somehow means they aren't pedophiles in their minds

You know this what is the standard response to the accusation.

No she doesn't.

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But we didn't respond like that, we both joked at the "in denial" part admitting that we are in fact pedos

>standard response
On reddit maybe.

She's not prepubescent. Read the wikipedia article for pedophilia and stop using the word wrong smooth brain.

>admitting to be a pedo
See people it's not that hard. Just say it and be done with it


You have to go back

Oh I'm sorry, she's not ACTUALLY prepubescent, she's just drawned to LOOK like it. This changes EVERYTHING.

At least you have enough dignity to admit it, if not to do something about being a pedophile

Literally this nigger right here is gonna do it

You probably clap when you see preteen boys dancing for money at LGBT parades so shut the fuck up

>in denial

Go back? Go back where?

A cute exhibitionist loli? I wonder why.

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Popular compared to who?
I see more noafags on Yas Forums than this literally who OP