I just finished Volume 4 and it's still boring. How many more volumes do I have to read before it becomes good?

I just finished Volume 4 and it's still boring. How many more volumes do I have to read before it becomes good?

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Volume 9 is where it gets good.

Till you get to Vol. 6.

If you've reached 4 volumes and the series bores you it's time to drop it, it's not going to get better from there if you're not even slightly invested by that point.

Drop it. If it didn't take you even a little at the start, One Piece is not for you.

Stop reading

Vol 4 was pretty good don't know what's your problem.

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He just didn't like it. Liking something is subjective. Personally, I love One Piece, but I also strongly dislike something that the whole world really likes, aka the MCU movies.

Are you at chapter 100? No? Consider that where the "title screen" of One Piece appears. Hence the name of chapter 100's title. You're in the prologue until chapter 100 according to the author himself. The whole point of *starting* the journey is to get into the Grand Line, you're still in East Blue.

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Very immature answer. You're old enough to know people have different taste. Or do you like all the other shonen series too?

you should probably finish East Blue before dropping it
not liking Usopp arc is a bit of a pleb alert, but if you go through Sanji and especially Nami's character arcs and still don't care about the main cast, not even the world building (which really kicks in on the Grand Line) will be enough to make you sit through 100+ volumes, despite being by far the biggest strenght of the series

Why do we get so many fucking threads like this?
If you don't like it at arlong park, you probably won't like most of the rest either. Read until then before considering making a thread.

I thought Luffy was weak to slashing attacks

Maybe from a character/style POV, but thematically and narratively, One Piece doesn't fully bloom until late Alabasta/Jaya onwards

East Blue is my favorite part of One Piece, I dare say it's one of the best. If you don't like it, just read something else.

It's my first One Piece thread. Don't blame me for the other threads.

If there's not a single thing you like about the series then at this point you may as well drop it

Ignore the contrarians in this thread. The vast majority of people feel that Syrup Village is the worst arc in the entire series. For me, it was the greatest initial hurdle into getting into One Piece. However, the two arcs after this, Baratie and Arlong Park, do an incredible job of developing your emotional investment in the characters. If I were you, I'd stick with the series until the end of the East Blue saga, and drop it if at that point you aren't engaged.

He is

>Ignore the contrarians in this thread
If somebody isn't enjoying a single thing about One Piece after four volumes I can't image there opinion will drastically change with the two following arcs when they follow the same structure

Volume 4 ends at Chapter 35.

Are you saying all the rest of the arcs are the same as the first one?

Arlong park is where stuff really starts to pick up & that starts at the end of volume 8.

It was a rhetorical question.
Here, I'll be more straightforward.
First really good small arc: Arlong Park. (2 arcs after Kuro's which is where you are)
First really good moment: Mihawk in Baratie. (1 arc from where you are)
First amazing big arc: Alabasta.
Drop if you don't like it by the end of Alabasta.



I miss it bros.

I've seen some posts in the pasts that claimed they didn't like OP until Water 7.

Sticking with it until that long is not something I would generally recommend to anyone, especially if they weren't even remotely engaged with the Arlong Park.

Personally, the first time I read OP I liked it "just fine"... until Water 7 after which it became my favorite manga.

The series' appeal is difficult to describe because there's few correlates to it in fiction. It's a "slow burn" adventure that is immensely gratifying to those who stick with it. The accomplishments the crew has made and the satisfaction as a reader that comes with it is immense.

Stop lying user. The baratie arc and arlong arc is nothing like the syrup arc. The only one with similar structure are the alabastar arc, dressrosa arc. Skypeia and arlong arc can be argued to be something of a similar structure to alabastar/dressrosa but that is.
But seeing as after 4 four and he is not interested in one piece then he should definitely drop it.

Toei sucks.

This is bad advice. As a fan for well over a decade, I’ll say I wasn’t hooked until Arlong. Usopp’s arc is great and all, but it’s a lot harder to appreciate as someone new to the series, since he himself is such a unique character from a shonen perspective. Syrup arc is much better on re-read/re-watch, once you’re already into the series and can appreciate Usopp more.

Don't know what volume is but after Arlong Park, if you still are bored there you can drop.