Name a protagonist more baddass then deku. oh wait you can't

name a protagonist more baddass then deku. oh wait you can't

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I dunno, Deku with a sword seems like a contender.

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go to bed grandpa

also sage weak ass bait

why does deku love bakugo so much?


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Hibiki really nails the hot blooded yell.

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Kino choice

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>i hate black people.jpg

He said protagonist.

I thought you were doing some weird shitpost, but holy crap that really is the filename.

He never said main protagonists

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We are posting losers? I want to play too.

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Oh yeah, super badass to die and not even having DRILL powers!

>sees pic
>sees filename

Watch Gleipnir to see whats a good protagonist.

>why does deku love bakugo so much?
That should be obvious, user.

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it's than, you highschool nigger baiter

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Nice bait, and apparently many bit him

an aborted fetus

Is this another Terrible Villains thread?

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baby Inosuke would make him his bitch

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