It's lesbian visibility day. Post anime lesbians!

It's lesbian visibility day. Post anime lesbians!

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Is there lolicon visibility day?

go back to the containment board

Lurk more or stay in your hole.

They're just good friends.

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It's not LGBT month yet in May for Japan.

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Alrighty then

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Yes. Every day.

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fuck you


Sorry bro

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Actual anime lesbians seem to be pretty rare. They need to be strictly homosexual, not just girls liking girl skinfriendship which seems to be a lot more normalized in Japanese media.

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Well, unless we're counting Table-kun

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>Actual anime lesbians seem to be pretty rare.
In the last couple of years they have been all over place in anime and manga.

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> lesbians
No such thing. Bisexuals at best after a good dicking.

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Why do lesbians make good dickings into women then? Don't say futa because it's obvious?

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That's not how that works, dummy. Men aren't all bisexual because anal sex feels good.

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Valkyrie Drive S2 when?

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