This series really deserved a higher quality anime

This series really deserved a higher quality anime.

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Way higher. It collapsed pretty fast and I dropped it like a bad OVA.

Agreed. I think the turning into a cat arc was a waste of time. I wanted more buddy cop shit. Show was still enjoyable for me, just sucks that we won't get more.

It was a bag of shat dicks.

Honestly, It felt more like a case of "no budget" than "incompetence" though. Both the direction and voice acting was consistently solid, and there was even a pretty strong atmosphere at times. It's just that every now and then it would turn into a slide show or a four year old would take over art duties.

Were the BDs ok?

>Agreed. I think the turning into a cat arc was a waste of time.
I mean, it was. But I think most people that watched the show loved the shit out of it for less than wholesome reasons.

it's not fair

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Why the fuck was she so perfect? Like, I normally don't get too much into the midget shortstack with a sword. But she was the right amount of cute and badass.

High school arc never

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My one weakness...

>Massive Tilly.
My one weakness...

What did you expect from the animators of Teekyuu?

Cat arc was a blemish on what was otherwise a great show.
S2 never


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at least the threads were fun

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I'm always glad to find that good source material will be appreciated, regardless of animation quality.

>top right

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cute alien

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Tilarenia exacdelica is a grown adult.

I'm glad we are finally allowed to say the cat shit was dumb.
This turnaround reminds me of how quickly you used to get shouted down if you criticised botw.

Would have been better as OVA or special in the BD.

I just wanted any company picked up the novel for english release.

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Why? It fit the low quality writing pretty well.
There were enough decent scenes for the great character designs to be show of, everything else would be a waste.


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