This has become completely exhausting.

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what did she mean by this

New universe was a mistake. Thanks a lot, Jolyne, first female Jojo MC and you can't even save the universe even with daddy's help.

Room temp IQ post



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[spoler]based hairposter[/spoiler]

Emm the ending of Part 6 has nothing to do with the AU of Part 7 and 8

>Guys what if I write three automated pursuer stands into one part, will they care?

>Part has multiple pursuer stands to represent the characters messing with things they shouldn't and being hunted as a result
>Final rock human fight only activates when pursued showing that the characters are now the ones taking initiative and hunting the enemy
Sasuga Araki


>I can't understand themes

>actually, now it just rushes towards people after 12 chapters of letting people follow it

>Araki can't even remember the story he set out to tell at the start of part 8
>But he totally meant to do this you guys

is that thing on Tooru's head his hair or a hat?

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What are you talking about?

He forgot about the Wall Eyes

They were just mentioned not too long ago.

that's retarded, why wouldn't it? so there's THREE jojo universes? what a stupid pile

He forgot about the Rokakaka in the stadium. Jousuke and Yasuho were getting ready to go there when not-Yukako showed up to distract Jousuke.

Imagine trying to live up to the iconic Jotaro Kujo, the only real JoJo.

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He also forgot about the existence of Kyo Nijimura.

it still hurts, kyobros...

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Kaato needed a maid at her place so she borrowed Kyo

Pucci literally created the sbrverse.

>Goes undercover to investigate the Higashikatas as she feels they had something to do with Kira's death
>They didn't
>Isn't involved with Holly at all
>Jouske had his big awakening a few chapters back and likely no Kyo for a lot longer

Wasted potential of a character.

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No he didn't. Part 6 endingverse is mostly the same as OGverse except without Pucci. SBR verse has an entirely different Joestar family tree.

Original series (part 1/6): a universe that in the end gets reset. All the old characters exist or have existested at one point, but in different circumstances.
Then there's SBR, which is literally a NEW manga series, and has literally nothing to do with the previous. It only happens to have stands and names in reference to old chatacters, but that's it.

Imagine kissing your sister on those lips.

When was the Ireneverse family tree ever shown?