Why did Kishi turn him into a “good guy”?

Itachi was so much better when he was a murderous madman who wanted to measure his abilities

Good Itachi doesn’t even make sense

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It would be too shallow and short going with single agenda, do you remember the same of his shark buddy ? You don't.

>who wanted to measure his abilities
Yeah, this works best with a sneak attack while most people are sleeping.

>You lack hate Sasuke
>Kill your best friend
>You are not strong enough
>Follow the path of darkness

>N-NOOOOOOOOO!, Why won’t you go back to the village? Why are you evil now?

Sasuke wasn't even evil.

All of them were awake though
The massacre started at 7 or 8 pm


Based Itachi

Kill yourself, narutard.


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>do you remember the same of his shark buddy

Yeah, instantly disliked him when that was revealed.
Though it did explain him losing to sauce at least.

Kisame was based


>Good Itachi

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People who defend this are dumb

He was "used to be an alright dude" according to Sasuke. Kishi decided "used to be" isn't enough.

Was that him or Obito?

It wasn't a bad idea, but it was poorly executed

He is wearing Anbu uniform

No, as in, who killed the kids? In the flashback, we only see Sasuke's POV, some dead Uchiha and their parents.

Given the amount of Uchiha clan members, Itachi could have let a few more get out alive. I highly doubt Danzo personally counted up every corpse. Maybe an Izanagi or two to fake some deaths and the Uchiha could live underground for some time.

>Though it did explain him losing to sauce at least
Ninja aids would have been a perfectly fine albeit convenient explanation

>and feed Jiraiya with information since Part 1.
Kishi confirmed this?

>I highly doubt Danzo personally counted up every corpse
That would be the first fucking thing to do

Fucking Danzo. Killing the Uchiha kids probably spared them molestation in Danzo's rape cave.

>I realize the screaming pain


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Pain arc would have been such a natural ending for the series.

You know, he got really lucky Sasuke missed Naruto's heart with his Chidori.

Natural ending without revealing 3 kage, Gyuki jinchuriki and Tobi motives?

God fucking dammit user, I was not ready for this image

>Itachi supposedly kills Shisui , his best friend, but somehow he survived

>Years later Shisui saves Sasuke from Orochimaru before Oro coukd steal Sasuke’s body

>They both team up to kill Itachi

>Shisui is now Sasuke’s best friend and master. Making him feel like he has a family again.

>He teaches Sasuke some cool shunshin no jutsu and Sharingan techniques.

>Shisui and Sasuke vs Itachi and Kisame

>Itachi is sick and almost defeated but he kills Shisui with Amaterasu

>Sasuke strikes Itachi with a Kirin, killing him

KINO 2bh


Like most other things in Naruto


Itachi's twist was actually good and a decent depiction of what it means to be a ninja and actually played to the fact Naruto is set in a pre/post warring era.

Itachi is still a villain because he defended the leaf village, the same village which bullied a little kid without parents and with a demon sealed inside of it

Yeah, the only reason world peace is achieved at the end is because the Leaf is so ridiculously powerful it could just nuke any opposition to dust. Literally an endorsement for authoritarianism.