This Gyaru Will Date the Otaku in 100 Days

>This Gyaru Will Date the Otaku in 100 Days
Do trend chasers have no shame?

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>"manga" so shit the creator himself realises it and drops it in shame

holy based

You're only mad because you didn't think it up yourself and have no talent to back it up in spite of the trend chasing.

Are you the author?

Did he stop? Seems uncharacteristically redeemable.
>all the replies saying there really is no hope for Otakus..

He based it on the croc story, obviously, but used a vtuber as the main girl and then I think the other characters were also somehow related to that vtuber. He cancelled it because the characters personalities and actions were "straying away" from how the vtuber and characters actually were.

At least that's what I read in the comments of the last chapter.

I hope he does something more appealing later, his art isn't bad at all.

Imagine learning to draw, then "creating" something so unbelievably soulless and generic like this. Further proof that taste is a separate thing from skill.

Guy needs a writer.

Can't he just change the designs?

Was probably too much work to draw everyday.

He could, but nips are autistic like that so he won't.

context pls?

How many people hop on this trend anyway? I only know this one, and the one done by Hata, but that's it.

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I am still waiting, nerds

I'm almost expecting him to try and turn this around to its own series, whether a short indie thing or not. His reasoning is profoundly retarded otherwise.

>Some mangaka makes a twitter manga named "This Croc Will Die in 100 Days" and updates it daily
>Gets popular and finishes up

>Japs being the soulless insects they are chase after the fad and start rolling out the "This X will do X in 100 days" shit
That's it.

Thanks dude

it was trendy, but not popular

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not just japs, burgerland is writing "This country will perish from corona in 100 days"

He also jump on gyaru romance trend.
So it's 2x trend chasing.

> A man who jumps on two bandwagons catches neither

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that's so fucking dumb

writing is something that can be trained too
same with taste, hearing people bitch about stuff here genuinely gave me a better eye for analyzing things

>This Gyaru Will Date the Otaku in 100 Days
Or else what?

It'll be cancel- oh.

That's cause no one is more soulless and money grabby than whites