Find a flaw

Protip: You know you can't

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she's drawn in a shitty fucking ugly artstyle

She dresses like a whore

Jannies are being fags again I see

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Why she has no pupils?

not hinata

she fucked sai

Kill yourself narutard.

No pupils


>no belly button piercing

into the trash ye goes

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Sexy armpits

She's much more useful than 99% of the shinobi alliance army in the 4th war. Yamanaka's jutsus are lowkey broken in large scale battle such as ninja wars.

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Her only flaw is that she gets far less pron than she deserves.

>no shizune
Nah bro, i pass

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dr. stone cellphones are our best weapon logic. Not that it was useless but the battles need to be an expanse of miles for phone like abilities to really see a noticeable use. In the small battle are they were in things like smoke signals and flags would have worked just as well. Just a case of kishi trying to have a grand battle but not thinking of what a real grand battle would look like and containing it to a very small area rather than a range of 30+ miles.

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Why would you ever sport such a long ponytail as a ninja or anyone involved in combat really? Seems like it'd be an easy way for your opponent to grab it and yank it. How vain do you have to be to maintain such long hair over valuing combat pragmatism?

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God, if she'd be so fucking hot with one.

Sai is a faggot for only giving her one child. Do you know how many times I'd nut in her if I was her husband?

>not being from Sand
>not having a war fan
>not using Wind jutsus
>not tying her hair into four pigtails

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you can't sacrifice beauty in the name of combat

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Where is Rinko?

>Seems like it'd be an easy way for your opponent to grab it and yank it
go back to your containment thread gohan you already ruined your tomboy and series.

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I wonder if Ino began to wear orange because of Naruto or if the animators were just fans of blondes in orange.

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Didn't win the Narutobowl.

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Best girl

She somehow contributes even less than Sakura

She fangirled hard

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Every character in pre-timeskip were better