Why do shounen kiddies pretend to be people?

Why do shounen kiddies pretend to be people?

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What went wrong with this series?
Was it because Isayama didn't plan this far ahead?

>Mom got killed
I fucking hate edgelords

Name a more meaningless term than edgelord

Wait, people actually fell for the "Isayama planned the ending since day1"? Kek




"""People""" who like him are even worse

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Face it, most manga that you and other anons would call "edgy" are usually the most entertaining ones.

It’s like Lost all over again

Yes. Exactly that reason.

Isayama changed his original ending because the series became popular and he didn't want to make the fans sad by killing the characters.

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He should've stayed with his original plan.



>Was it because Isayama didn't plan this far ahead?

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Many of the stuff happening now weren't part of his plan. See

yeah... no

fuck him, he had kino in his hands and he blew it

Leaving loose ends you can tie up any way you want isn't planning ahead

>Some parts were SLIGHTLY different
Dude you should be a journalist. Those guys got nothing on you.

he literally says he changed the ending from traumatizing to non-traumatizing because of the fans, how the fuck do you defend this? It LITERALLY went from a bad ending to a good ending, a polar opposite

user, it's hopeless. /snk/fags can't for the life of them comprehend this basic storytelling device. I tried countless times.

vol 31 sold like shit and most fans want the genocide ending. if isayama gives us the alliance winning ending the entire story of snk was for nothing. Im pretty sure he knows this and he will give us the good ending

Did you even read the pic posted? He originally planned a traumatizing ending where everyone dies.

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Something to the tune of this spread

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No genocide ending.

The plot became retarded.

I bet you like Elfen Lied.