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Who's Who, or should I say Trafalgar D. Water Law?

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Okay, so I know what Ulti's speech quirk is in Jap, but I really don't get what is Stephen going at. At firtst it looks like emphasizing "-er", but in the end, not really. And how would that even makes sense?

Who's who is actually corazon

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interesting....retarded but interesting

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ginbros when will our time come?


>Assume Queen weights 45 tons, the average brachiosaurus weight.
>Assume he jumped from ~500 meters, the height of a tall building.
>Gravity is given at 9.81 m/s^2.

Energy = mgh
Energy = (45 tons) * 9.81m/s^2 * 500m
Energy = 45000kg * 9.81m/s^2 * 500m
Energy = 2,207,250,000 Newtons

Brachio Bomber had over 2 billion Newtons of force at the point of impact, and Big Mom's head barely traveled. By all accounts, both she and Queen should have been completely obliterated on the spot in a huge explosion of blood and guts.

Sanji was actually stronger than Zoro pre-timeskip. Yeah, they fought enemies on similar level, but let's look at the facts:

>injured by kalifa and blueno before beating Blueno
>Mr. 2 had to expose his weakness to women to actually stand a chance
>Zoro needed Shusui to deflect a normal punch from Oars, Sanji deflected Oars' Gomu Bazooka with his legs

Actually, post ts Sanji is probably around pre ts Zoro, considering Sanji didn't do anything during the timeskip.


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Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves, let's say he's around East Blue Zoro level now.

Are you high?

prove me wrongh. I'll wait.

Who's Who is a three eyes and Pudding's father. That's why he has the upper face mask and eye tattoo, and why Big Mom couldn't just use the three eyes she fucked.

>Actually, post ts Sanji is probably around pre ts Zoro, considering Sanji didn't do anything during the timeskip.

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made this just for future shitposting/theories

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How much force did Machvise's 10,000 ton dtop have, and how strong was Hajrudin's punch to send him flying to the sky?

The goddess is coming back

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/opg/bros, I'm about to start the KnY anime. Will I like it?

Aside from Law and drake the rest of the supernovas are ultra useless jobbers

>ultra useless jobbers
Apoo has the most important job in OP history, and that is being queen's DJ

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>At firtst it looks like emphasizing "-er", but in the end, not really.
i thought that too, it isn't?

Seems about right.

The animation is pretty good so probably.

Bege pulled his weight in WCI. Kid, Killer, Bonney, Hawkins, and, unfortunately, Urouge are the jobbers

Her last bubble has her emphasizing the word "family".

i mean, it's a complete different scene. "ever" and "nerve" are next to each other

Sanji is a gay faggot

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What do you mean you're not gonna wear it Pay-Pay? I got these matching capes so we can both wear them together for the festival, are you trying to make your big sis mad?

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i still remember when that chapter got released and Oda shat on Sanji harder than he ever did. Zorochads were kings that day.

Back when Wano had soul.

Why did that get so many (You)s?


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The chapter had just come out.