Which friend would you fuck?

Which friend would you fuck?

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that kemono doujin with serval playing with a cock has got to be one of the best faps of my life

for me, it's fennec.

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the cutest

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Lewding friends is wrong
But I'd fuck this otter

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this semen demon

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>that peeking belly button

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I enjoy friends of a smaller variety

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For me, it's leggy snake

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Miss Wolf

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I want to fit my entire fist in Sand Cat's ass

Dumb wolf taking money from shotas

According to the text, it was his idea.


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But thats ILLEGAL

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>liking an uneducated genki tomboy that panics easy and can only act tough
Top taste

What a weird worm

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I'm going to have consensual sex with shoebill!

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Awoo. Foxes are acceptable too.

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Sex is between a friend and a friend ONLY.
It's Prairie Dog & Beaver, not Prairie Dog & Stever!

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i dont like this pic much because her arms are blocking the view of her boobz0rz

A bear is fine too

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Monogamy is for chumps.
That said, Cheetah. She blushes like a good girl.

tender loving missionary position and cowgirl with Aurochs!

Only if you yell out "home on the range" when you cum

i was actually gonna yell "BIG IRON"


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What does the "M" stand for?

This looks made by Diisuke

Imagine doing all sorts of embarrassing things to her while she shrieks in protest

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Virtually all of them if given a chance, but if provided the chance to create a permanent pair bond with one friend, it would be this smartass friend.

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