...It's perfect.

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I don't see the daily part 4 hate thread so i'm going to post here
Part 4 is a slog and it sucks so much i'm thinking just skipping it straight to p5 or even 6
I fucking hate Koichi yet he seems to be the protagonist of this shitpile of a part
It's really not surprising how much love p3 got in mediums other than manga compared to p4 despite them both being old as fuck

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Hold out on part 4. Skip part 5, it’s not worth your time

shit taste user

Atrocious Acts At Average Cost

Part 4fags will tell you it totally gets good 20 episodes in, but don't listen to them. Just skip to the next part.

If you think about it Love train could defeat golden experience requiem. If giorno used golden experience requiem on love train it would just effect someone else on the planet. Giorno fags btfo.




Look man, lemme break it down for ya.
If you don't enjoy a part, just skip it. You can come back to it later, or not at all. Its up to you to seek out anime you enjoy.
Watching anime you don't enjoy is madness. Just do what you like, and kick back and enjoy the time that you "wasted" doing something you like.
After all, as they say: time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted.

Undercharged Sins Abound

I can't wait until DP finishes adapting all the finished parts so we can stop at least part of the god awful zelda cycle part wars

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She deserved it

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True and wise words, my man

crimes for dimes


This thread is pure garbage, but it's alright, since you're all only human after all.

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Underage Americans look like THAT?



Can jobin live after the part ends or is his murder inevitable?

Egregious Excursions Executed Economically

>you're all only human after all.
>he doesn't know

Jobin's dying no matter what probably

Deplorable Duties Done on a Dime.

He’s not really dead...is he?

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The Funny Valentine that had D4C died, so while technically his AU versions continued to live, the real Funny Valentine is dead

No jobinfags

Wrong Wonders Worth Wasted Dues

Cheap Tricks for Cheap Tricks