Name a single pic with more talent

Name a single pic with more talent

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Learn english you third world subhuman

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The SUPERIOR Miyazaki

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Here you go, user.

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Very good concept artist, mediocre writer.

It's actually the other way around.

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>Japanese Phil Fish

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why's he dressed like Indiana Jones Sr.?

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I can't but this man comes close

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who is this man and why is he bald

This one is better.

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This is inoue, legendary animator

All I see is 2 hacks

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These images have negative talent.

if you insist

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Kikkai-kun for Nagai. What a strange choice.
Leads me to believe that that pic must be from before Devilman was a thing. Late 1970 to early 1972? Would also fit how extremely young he looks there.

Now i start

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Kojima is perhaps the chinkiest person I've ever seen.

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