Nekojiru Udon 2

Story of mackerel tempura

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Insect collection set
300 yen
Warning! Do not drink!
>There’s a drug that prevents bugs from rotting!
>Nyaa nyaa!
>Yellow is for small bugs
>Red is for big bugs

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And I've fucked it, this text is for p15, this text below is for 16

*Mii! Mii! (Cicadas crying)
>Ah! Marleys!
*Snore snore Snore snore
>They are all asleep.
>They sure smell bad.
>I wonder if they are rotting.

>Nyaa Nyaa!
For big bugs
>Good evening! Arakawa Maddog here!
>I am Chihuahua Hitomi!
>Today at around 5pm in Yamabayashi in Nekojiru city
JMM -Forest of news
>Corpses of three vagabond-like men were found.

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>Personnel of Nekojiru office inspected the bodies and performed autopsies and concluded,
>Mom, what is this?
>It’s mackerel tempura.
*Bite bite
>that the cause of death had been poisoning with some kind of chemical.
>There is suspicion of murder. Currently…
>Bleaghh! Disgusting!
*Drip drip
The end

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Story of the child of the riverbed

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*Clip clop clip clop
*Wroom wroom
Dog bus
>We have come a pretty long way already, is everything going all right?
>No need to worry. Mr. Donkey remembers the way.
*Tap tap

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*Clip clop
*Grin grin
*Tap tap
*Grin grin
*Tap tap
>Ah! It’s a doll!
*Tap tap
>She also has a knife.

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>I wonder why that woman is carrying a doll and grinning like that.
>I don’t know.
*Clip clop
>Ah, she’s still grinning!
*Grin grin
*Tap tap
>I wonder if she’s grinning all the time.
>I don’t know.
>Oh! It’s a big bridge!
*Clip clop

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*Doom gloom doom gloom
Liquid concrete
>It’s a big river. Let’s play here!
Mixed fodder
*Clip clop

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>This river smells really bad.
>Ah! It’s a dead fish!
*Blub blub
*Rustle rustle rustle
*Rustle rustle

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>What’s with this guy?
>It’s a weasel child.
>It’s eating something. I wonder what.

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*Chomp chomp
>I wonder what that red thing is.
>I don’t know.
>It looks sort of good.
>What’s that?
>This is sausage.
Fish wieners
>Give me!

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>Listen; if you play with me I’ll give you some.
>Those kind of bright red things have dyes in them so they are poisonous.

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>And also my mom told me that I shouldn’t play with children living in the riverbed.
>Tsch, that’s stupid.
*Grin grin
*tap tap
*Grin grin
*Tap tap
*Grin grin
*tap tap
*Picks up

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>What are you doing, granny!
*Gets up
>It’s our chance! Let’s run away!
*Tap tap tap tap

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*Tap tap tap tap tap
*Clippity cloppoty
>Uwah! Scary!
>Ah! She’s here!
>Mr. Donkey! Kick her! Kick her!

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*Rise up
*Turn around
Fish wieners
*Tap tap tap tap

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>Want to eat
Fish wieners

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*Pulls out
The end

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And that's it. Even though one was short, I'm still counting this as two chapters. With this, Udon 2 is almost one whole quarter of the way done, incredible.

For maximum enjoyment, please do not calibrate your monitor or look too closely at any particular panel. Sit at least ten feet from your computer screen and do your best to squint, thank you.

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Nice job, user! These two chapters look really good, you even removed all sound effects! It's crazy how fast you've worked! thank you so much!

On the first page (15) the small bottle says "silica gel" and on page 16 there's text "Kyoto" on the bag, Looks like I forgot to translate them. the bag really isn't important, but it might be nice to include the text on the bottle.

Oh, by the way, it looks like chapters 7 (Stagbeetle) and 13 (Nap) have already been typeset, they are up in mangadex. So you can skip those two.

Alright, I'll see if I remember. I'll probably download and check them either way.
Here's 15 fixed

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And here's 16

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Cool! Well, it really isn't anything major, so no worries about that! Once again, thank you for your work! And if you're interested in more content, I'll probably make a thread for Senbei either Tuesday or Wednesday. I've some good progress today so there isn't much left to go. After I'm done I'll dump everything here and update the folder as well.


Good stuff

great stuff

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bump for your effort even if i dont read it

thank you user!