ITT: confess

I’m only here to make the occasional SBR shitpost and to yell at HxH fans

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I shitpost about manga/anime i actually like.
I take minor stuff i don't like and turn them into a full blown shitpost.
knowing what your shitposting about will give the best results.
Of course i also reply to myself, agreeing and disagreeing myself.

I'm only here to fetishpost and bonerpost. I spend all my days outside of that thinking about cute girls and sex. I don't care about anything else.
I also love little girls the most.

I purposely read the summaries on a wiki about mangas i've never read and then argue on certain topics and plot points based purely on the summary. I find it fun, and sometimes i'm perfectly right and others i'm perfectly wrong because I don't have the manga for specific details and context to full understand. I'm evil and I love it.

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I rarely finish stuff nowadays, I start an anime then I take a break to shitpost that takes longer than it would to finish the show then another show catches my eyes and I start that one then shitpost then I start another anime...
help my SDD is filled with anime I only watched a few eps of and I forgot what half of them are about don't even get me started on the VNs

When theres a thread i really like i often post the most simplistic and base shitposts i can muster to solicit enough of a reaction to keep that thread going

We're bros with Hunterchads though.

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Your image of the sexy nun reminded me, I had a dream two nights ago where I was talking to a man on a train who told me he is training to be a fireman. I asked him if he'd seen Fire Force, and I starting telling him about it. He was like 'that is stupid, why would they fight fire demons with fire powers instead of water powers'. I didn't know how to answer.

I just do it to shitpost, I don’t even know why I do it

There's no "we" and there's no "them"
There's no "bokucucks" and there's no "hunterchads"
There is only a small group of falseflagging Yas Forums autist shitposters ruining the experience for everyone. Piss off back there yeah

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I rarely come here for anything other than seasonal shows, consider yourself lucky to have seen me in this thread.


When you pretend while shitposting, you start to get really into it and feel like "Well now I can't lose this argument" and just continue kek

Wrong, there is just me and you, posting and filling up the entire site

This is not something that I'm hiding, but I'll say it. I have never watched popular stuff like madoka, all of fate series, HxH, Kill la Kill and many more. In fact, I

*I don't watch any new anime in these past 4 years.

I only come here to lurk on the MHA threads, even though they're almost always shit with fujoposters and other retards. That being said im a huge fujo, especially for pic related

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I only really care about that one series that my waifu came from, which hardly ever gets talked about anymore. I only come to Yas Forums for the unlikely chance that there is a thread about it or one where it gets brought up, to make sure that people aren't posting bullshit about it that needs to be refuted.


Even though Zenitsu is my favourite character I love bullying him on kny threads

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No worries, the threads are going to be much worse in these next few weeks, so I won't be around. Not like i ever was contributing in the first place...

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I'm the one who's posting "I want to fuck Makima" in CSM threads, but i have nothing to do with the Kino poster

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Hands in the air, weed eater

I depend on aggregators and streaming sites because I don’t know how to use nyaa. Since I use my phone 99% of the time, quality doesn’t matter to me.

I love my revenge boner
>I wish I had a revenge boner

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The only thing that is keeping me coming back to Yas Forums is talking about my favourite anime girls and my opinions. Funny posts by others are few and far between. I end up inciting arguments with others because their opinions are usually stupid as hell and i'd much rather call them out and be mean than ignore it. This also means I fall for bait a lot.

Dragon Ball and Naruto.

That's literally it for me. Been trying to get into Bleach but threads are weird

I love black clover

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I been watching more VTuber crap than anime since this year started.

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Yeah, this explains why so many people defend Stone Ocean and try to say that the ending is good.

Not ashamed to stream.

Get out.

Let me guess, 5toubunfag?

What's the appeal?