Good characters stuck in terrible series

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Pic unrelated

Vroom vroom!

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Beat me to it

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GD isn't terrible, just average

oops meant to say related haha my bad I love Satania!

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This makes no sense. How can a show with good characters be bad when the show is all about character interaction and development? That’s like saying there can be a bad battle shonen with great battles. You literally want Doga Kobo shows for the characters.

Even she couldnt save her garbage show

Gab is a good show though. Tapris and vig are both better than satania btw.

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>bad battle shonen with great battles
That's like a third of them.


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best example by far

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Machikado Mazoku is amazing, are you delusional?

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Was there ever any other reason to watch than Crim?

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crim couldn't save that dumpster fire.

Also Saten.

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FUCK YuckyNO fags and their shitty dramafest

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Love Live wasn't that bad. But some parts were terrible, I'll give you that

Satania fags are fucking the worst.

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Pieck Finger from snk, also stuck with a retarded name but oh well.

>generic SoL is amazing
Yea no the pink haired girl was fucking annoying


>not liking Momo

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An obvious one

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Dagashi was fine and all the characters were likable.

Cornelia deserved to be in a better show.

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What the fuck? Overlord is great.

This Chad deserved better.

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Yeah Index is shit. Luckily Mikoto has her own show that's way better.

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Anime feels like one big filler with shitty cgi battles. Wish they focused don the guardians more.