New Game!

Just finished both seasons of New Game!. Shit was pretty fun. Wish there was another season, I wanted to see how it goes after Kou leaves and more of the newer members, especially Momiji.
Especially Momiji taking over for Kou in regards to sleeping at the office in her panties
Also why are they all so gay?

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Pick up the manga, dude. I'm glad you've enjoyed it. Hajime is best geimu.

Does the manga continue the story? Also, can I pick it up where the anime left off? My favorites are Yun, Hajime and Momiji.

I want to get ecchi with Nenecchi.

Yeah, the manga continues the story. You can just pick it up where the anime left off. Although I think before that there was an entire volume about Aoba's high school years.

Just got around the watching season 1. This show was, at the same time, great and depressing. Great because the girls are so cute and fun. I loved them. Depressing because I will never have a hardworking purple-haired loli wife.

>Also why are they all so gay?
It's company policy to hire lesbian/bi girls and bi/gay guys and make them not interact with each other in any way.
That way all of them work better and more efficent.

>why are they all so gay

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Cool, thanks.
That doesn't seem right, because I can only imagine that Hazuki wants the girls to get it on.

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They’re not. These shows always have yuri bait so you can head cannon ship. It’s part of the reason one watches these shows.

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You missed the chapter where Hazuki discuss hire with the gay lead programmer guy?
That is company policy.

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don't call her that

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Kou's true successor.

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I've seen worse.

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I'd give her insides a thick coating of thick incel coom

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I want more messy Momiji.

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post more of those

The picture alone would have sufficed, no need to reveal you're a Yas Forums nigger. Go back.

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Yun is made for hard breeding.

aoba is a cow

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Man, this type of romanization really annoyes me. Using z instead of j and d instead of z. I know it makes some sense in regards to the characters used, but it's nothing like how it's actually pronounced.