These thieves can't keep getting away with it

These thieves can't keep getting away with it.

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Perkele, suck a dick!

What can you do?

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Stupid cute hobos.

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reminder that Mika is probably the #1 antagonist of GuP, and that every picture depicting katyusha as 'small' is clearly SAUNDERS PROPAGANDA!

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Hobos can't be cute.

Shut up Midget.

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also I really need to finish this shitpost, put the 'normal' Guppies next to Katyusha


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based and ducepilled

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Has a little brother!

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>The next time we see duce in Das Finale, she's probably going to be knocked out by the slag.
It's kind of sad her energetic flame is going to be snuffed out so early.

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inb4 chovy dab

If DUCE loses to the slag whore and her overpriced panties i'm quitting the guppies

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Is more sad that her senshado team would disband without her.

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I believe in duce!

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See you in part 4.

>implying Duce won't pull an upset

you're underestimating her tankettes

I want DUCE to win as much as the rest of us but I don't think she has much to work with against the anglos

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>hey Darjeeling, you know how you can save a lot of money?

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>Komrad, the snow is playing polka gain


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Stupid cute nerd

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Carpaccio will take care of Anzio just fine after Anchovy graduate.

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Cute and sexy flattie.

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She can take care of my erection too.

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did romans not wear underwear?

Until she surrenders to Ooarai.

Underwear didn’t exist back the

Hina and Taka doesn’t let their friendship get in the way of senshado. If anything, she will take the match more seriously if her opponent is Taka-chan.