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見抜く minuku: To see through (a deception).
"み"抜く "mi" nuku: "mi" + extract or omit

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Shirahadori: Stopping a sword between your bare hands.

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That's all for today. It's always better to go to a museum by yourself, so you don't get stuck at a different pace.

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They could have definitely passed for elementary school students.
Thanks OP. How many chapters are left in this volume?

This chapter tells us how they are learning the practicalities of art first, and the history of art last. They are probably expected to self-learn about that.

>How many chapters are left in this volume?
13. This is only the second chapter in this volume.

Nice nice. That works out nicely then.

Thanks for the chapter.

I don't think Na__ko could pass for an elementary school student.

Nako is their mom.

why are teachers so scared of meeting their students in public? also thanks OP

It's embarrassing to be called out like that

Are they aware they live in 2Dland?
>Never seen any famous works of art in person
Didn't the go to a gallery near the beginning?
Why does the value go up after the artist dies instead of when they are alive?
Desu, I would probably enjoy children's art more than modern art.
You'd think Noda would be more interested in fashion design.
Thanks OP. Agreed, I could spend all day in a museum, but my family would be bored within an hour.

>Didn't the go to a gallery near the beginning?
To a much more local gallery, which doesn't get to exhibit any really famous stuff.
>Why does the value go up after the artist dies instead of when they are alive?
Because at that point it's generally understood that they can't make more works of art, so they become limited supply.

>To a much more local gallery
Impressive local gallery since it had a copy of the last judgement.

Nearly a head shorter than Namiko or Kyouju. Wouldn't blame them for that mistake.

A vocational highschool aimed at feeding their students into their same college is definitely gonna focus on practicals and fundamentals. Wouldn't be surprised if a majority of them would then aim for a co-op or internship during their college term.
Also, you gotta remember that only middle school is mandatory in Japan and if you're not specializing 4 years of work experience might be worth more compared to an expensive post secondary degree. So not all of the students are guaranteed to move on to college. With all that in mind the curriculum is pretty packed trying to please everyone's needs.

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>Hide her bed hair
Or her bald spot

POP QUIZ! Hope you studied.

oh no

What's the passing grade?

7/10, cus that's what I got.

10 - A
9 - B
8- C
7- D (still passing)
0-6 F

>that random kanji question
got a D still tho

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Yay, I got a D. I paid more attention to the art trivia of this manga than my classes at uni.