How long would it take for this to get cancelled on shonen jump?

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Under 19 weeks

>Implying it would be picked up at all


>Less popular than Reddit:The Rom-Com

WSJ would simply CACHINNATE in the writer’s face, then command him to kneel.

i can't believe i'm saying this but even Kimetsu no Yaiba had more soul

Faster than Samurai 8.


You probably want us to say less than 3 weeks to feel like you have a popular opinion, but nah.

AOTS they said

Who knows, shonen jumps current top series are all shit anyway

Probably less than 3 months because Shonen Jump hates quality

>Manhwa never produces another good series like Shin Angyo Onshi and Unbalance X2 after using Webtoon's format
>Now we all stuck with trash Manhwa like TOG and Solo Levelling complete with a far more annoying fanbase
Webtoon is a mistake.

As soon as they realise Japanese children can't read Korean.

1 week

What about HLW????
I find it a little more fun that this other two.


why would you put a seinen manga in shonen jump?

>Shin Angyo Onshi
the ending alone shat on everything that was build up, its not good far from it.

The only correct answer.

Watched the three eps out
>Feels like a smoother version of wano arc won piss animation wise
>fucking uninspired story
>unoriginal charters
Why is everyone talking about this?


>Why is everyone talking about this?
It's on the gooks and SEAmonkeys who like it.

Peerless Dad and Gosu are good webtoons. The latter has great art, in fact.

>Why is everyone talking about this?
because of mai waifu

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no one watches One Piece

Well, it doesn’t pick up and become tolerable for like, 50 chapters. So it would have been axed long ago.

Omega kek, have you read season 2 ?

Peerless is confusing AS FUCK
But I still can’t stop reading it... idk why

Probably will run longer than Double Arts and Mx0