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Got raws for now. I'm gonna finish this quickly then go head off somewhere.

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Onii-chan, let's go.
Let's go home.
[side] Save demon Tanjirou...

I want to go.
I want to go home too, Nezuko.
I'm really just tired already.
203: A multitude of stimulations

Please, gods.
Please let me go home.

I just want to go home with my sister.


"What's the point of going home?"

"Your whole family's dead"
"That house is nothing but buried corpses."
"What's the point of going home?"

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Monitoring bread

I have my memories.
Those happy days.

As long as Nezuko and I are there, they'll never go away.

So I'm leaving.

"Stop doing such pointless things."
"Nezuko is dead. You killed her."

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>I just want to go home with my sister.

Nezuko is alive.

You're a liar.

"Don't do anything unnecessary. They're all dead."

"You reek of blood. Your friends' blood."
"You've killed them."

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"They all hate you."
"Nobody wants you to go back."

I want to apologize.
I want to go back to everyone I hurt
And apologize to them.

"Nobody will forgive you even if you do."

That isn't something for you to decide.

I can smell that they're all worried about me.

"Zip it."
"You're going to succeed my will."

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"Do not look forward. Do not believe people. Do not seek out hope."
"If you don't become a demon, you're going to die in a few years."
"You have to pay the price for your mark."

"Just think about yourself."
"Take the infinite lives that lie in front of you."

I will die as a human.

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I don't want even a bit of those infinite lives. I don't need them.
I want to go back to everyone.


"Are you gonna survive on your own?"
"Even though a lot of people died?"

"Are you trying to be the only one to live on without losing anything?"

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"This is all your delusion."
"Feel some shame! Stop!!"

I smell Shinobu-san.

No... this is...

The smell of Wisteria flowers...

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"Let's go home, onii-chan."


"Let go of the hand."
"Get back here."
"You even conquered the damn sun!"

"You are a one of a kind creature now!"
"Don't you go there, Tanjirou!

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"Can't you hear the hated voices of the dead!?"

"They're screaming about why you're the only one who gets to survive!"
"Why did they lose it all, and you..."

No person exists.
These are people who risked their lives for others, not for themselves.

These are people who didn't want others
To feel the pains and sorrows they went through.

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"Hold on, Tanjirou!!"
"Wait a minute, please!!"
"Just inherit my will and feelings here!!"

"You're the only one who can do it!"
"Can't you tell that you were chosen by a god to do this!?"

"You can do it!! You can become a perfect..."
"A supreme being!!"

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Come back, Tanjirou.
Don't you lose.
Over here, Tanjirou.

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Just、die already

"Let's go."
"Let's go back home."

"Tanjirou, don't go!!"

"Don't leave me behiiiiind!!"

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This tactic really doesn't work against people who weren't at their lowest point.

"For hurting you all."
"Are you... okay..."

"He's baaaack!!"
"It's Tanjirouuu!"

"All those wounds you gave us..."
"Are absolutely..."

"I... will spend the rest of my life... forcing you to atone for this..."
"And for my wife..."


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Thanks sis

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"Tanjirou woke up!"


"Thank goodness... she's alive..."

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"I knew you weren't gonna die."


"It's all over..."
[side] The battle to the death that lasted for generations is over... Next issue, the climax and lead color!!

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I remember last chapter when japs thought Nezuko calling Kanao "-chan" was weird, here's a kakushi doing it.

is it true?

Today is different raws, because my ripper is screwed up. Anyway, here's colors.


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