There will never be another groundbreaking masterpiece like NGE ever again

>there will never be another groundbreaking masterpiece like NGE ever again

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Quit your pussy mentality, people always think they live in the peak of human civilization/art but its only a matter of time before someone does something better

Exactly. If we knew what we needed to do to revolutionize the industry, it would've been done already.

>what is Haruhi?
>what is Madoka?
>what is Violet Evergarden?

True, but it may be longer than we can witness, which I think is what OP means "There will never (in my lifetime) ...etc"

Haruhi is up there in quality, but it never crosses over into the religious, and that is not an allusion to the lack of religious symbolism. Madoka is interesting, I've always found it to be NGE's parallel but I never quite find it as meaningful to me personally. I've always wondered if a femanon would have a mirrored view of the two, although I think NGE is ultimately universal, while Madoka seems like it would be more meaningful to a female, but I could be wrong about that.

The third one does not belong.

Look, I love VE, but it's not on the same level as NGE.
VE is like a ski lift that takes you on a pleasant trip across some amazing natural landscapes for you to admire. When you get off you think, "wow, that was beautiful".
NGE is like a roller coaster that blast you round endless corners and loops before finishing with one final almighty drop. When you get off you think, "what just happened?..... wtf was that!"

stop making eva threads

Violet Evergarden is the greatest piece of fiction ever put together by a human. Victor Hugo wishes he could write something as emotional as it. Da Vinci wishes he could draw something as beautiful as it.

NGE was ruined by normalfags, netflix, and the reboots

Hello schizo

>what is Haruhi?
>what is Madoka?
>what is Violet Evergarden?

>Violet Evergarden
VEGetable is not revolutionary in the slightest. Neither was it any good

Triple memed. This meme I don't like.


I wouldn't call it "groundbreaking" but it definitely influenced what kinds of shows were greenlit in the years following its release. It's undebatably the king of late night anime.

>I wouldn't call it groundbreaking but it definitely [insert a definition of groundbreaking]

>what is Hellsing Ultimate
user, I...

Lurk moar, there's a ton of great anime out there. Eva is good, but it's not the only one.

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>Violet Evergarden
KEK. These retard shills will never not be funny

Kill yourselves. Violet Evergarden will always be superior to your favorite time flop.

>time flop
What the fuck does this even mean?

>time flop
for real? Nobody even talks about VEG anymore. VEG isn't even the best KyoAni anime,and by a large margin

unironically watch more anime you faggot. and if you actually think EVA is good period, then watch stuff outside anime as well. eva is coincidental, you have shit that's actually thought out instead of just being shallow deep.

VEG is still better than your favorite anime.

Pick one
nothing special about a generic mecha anime where the mc is oh so depressed and the other characters are edgy and two dimensional as fuck but wait!! They have a bs backstory so they are suddenly deep. Oh it also used christfag references to look cool. NGE offers nothing worthy of being a masterpiece.

>being this insecure
Please seek help, and get better taste

>The third one does not belong.
Meh not a VEGfag but the only reason you say that is because it's recent, I bet it'll be in the same league by 2027

This but unironically

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>an anime is ruined cos it's popular
Kill yourself

Your favorite anime is probably seasonal garbage like Yorimoi or FranXX, so you don't have any say in this matter.

Sounds like a massive cope my friend. It seems VEG's superiority has caused some problems

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rip ur thread OP, the VEGetables are here.