Shows only you miss

Shows only you miss

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I'd trade 10 years of my life for an S2.

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I may not be the only one, but I am the most vocal.

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thats wrong because I miss all of these

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It says show, not characters since most of Yas Forums probably misses Mikakunin

gorila rape

We've still had occasional signs that a lot of chair posters are still around. A shame it feels the manga translations will never get past where the anime got to, although with RiB finally picked up again you can never write it off.
Also I miss 4/5 of the things I've seen in this thread, although luckily one was a finished story in the anime and one is fully translated.

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It gave us a few nice reaction images.

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i miss them

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this and bakuon. I need more baka on baiku

I want to play 100% OJ with Yas Forumsnons again.

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Yeah no, I miss the walking black hole so much.

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>Walking black hole

How powerful is said black hole? Is she more powerful than Nadeshiko?

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Probably even more powerful than Nadeshiko.

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I miss the chair club. I hope they continue to cheer girls to be with other girls.

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Everyone misses Kokkuri-san and Mikakunin.

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I just want to see more takao

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I need to catch up on the manga at least.

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I miss Anima Yell too OP. I guess people just move to the next seasonal Kirara yuribait and forget about the previous one.

who doesn't

and more and more but that's what comes to my mind right now ;-;

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Season two never.

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only part of love lab I miss are those eyebrows


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For some reason, D-Frag! didn't work as an anime.

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I'm pretty sure Yas Forums misses that dork too, and speaking of which is there enough major plot for a new hypothetical season anyway?

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