Make interesting female character

>make interesting female character
>ruin her by making her a tomboy
Why do so many mangaka do this?

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Why dont you shut the fuck up?

Nothing wrong with tomboy, this feels like a bait thread.
the manlet-senpai was unnecessary.

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>interesting female character
Pic unrelated I suppose?

>bait thread
Im pretty sure OP was being ironic and wanted you to post more tomboys

Whoa, cool it with the transphobia. We don't want to have any unfortunate accidents here, don't we?

>tomboys good
might be more up your alley, homos

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Reminder that Tomboys are for:

>Getting in fights with her
>Playing sports with her
>Watching kung-fu movies with her and trying to copy the moves
>Teasing her and laughing when she gets mad and pouts
>Letting her pin you so you can feel her body pressed against yours
>Flipping her back over so that you can stare into each other's eyes
>Protecting her from bullies even though you know she can handle herself
>Cheering her on and always supporting her, win or lose
>Throwing her a victory barbeque where you make all her favorite foods
>Massaging their legs, shoulders, and back
>Holding them close and telling her you love her
>Reassuring her that she is the most beautiful girl in the world when she gets jealous of the more feminine girls
>Accepting all of her girlish sensibilities, no matter how much she hates you finding out about them
>Patting her head
>Getting caught in the rain during a cross country run and having to huddle together with her under an abandoned bus stop waiting for it to pass
>Holding her hand in public
>Making her try on cute dresses when you're out on a date even though you know she'll never buy one
>Buying her sexy black lace lingerie, only for her to wear spats over them
>Tracing your finger over the tanlines she got during the summer and feeling how warm her skin is
>Having her jump into your arms and kiss you after spending time apart over vacation
>Introducing her to your parents
>Carrying her over the threshold of your new home to start a life together while she punches you in the shoulder and pouts that she can walk just fine herself
>Gently laying her down on the bed
>Whispering into her ear how much she means to you while caressing her toned body
>Spending an entire night making passionate love to each other
>Raising a new generation of tomboys with
>Loving unconditionally as you grow old together

These are the things that tomboys are for.


>being a tomboy means you're trans in current year
when did we fall from grace

tomboys are straight, traps are double gay

OP doesn't fuck

You forgot NTR

you made me cum and cry

I think if you're gonna do a manlet protag you might as well go all the way and just do /ss/, at least then the boy has an excuse for being nervous about lewd stuff and has room to grow into a strong and confident man who can properly manhandle the (preferably tomboy) waifu who once dominated him.

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This is bait, yet OP remains, as always, a colossal faggot.

>traps are double gay
No they're not, they're fiction. Unless you also think lolicon is pedophilia

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Tomboy thread

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If OP wanted a tomboy thread, all he had to do was ask.

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/ss/ is cringe

I'm sick of this shit.Having sbort hair and being fit is NOT the same as being a tomboy

Flat with nice ass > busty with nice ass > flat with no ass > busty with no ass

As is using the term cringe in 2020 instead of just saying "personally I don't like it that much" like a non-faggot would.

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>ruined character
pick one

>2020 using the word faggot

Poseidon anime when?

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>large, smelly panties

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>He doesn't like tomboys
Are you a faggpt?

where to read pls

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>liking this type of woman means you like men

>>make interesting female character
>>ruin her by making her a tomboy
More like
>make interesting female character
>infinitely improve her by making her a tomboy
Why don't more mangakas do this?

What is interesting about her that isn't tomboy features? Shark teeth, shy, funny face faults.... The rest is tomboy stuff

Now you've done it OP, the autistic gushing over the tomboy archetype on this board is more pathetic than anything reddit has to offer