Love Live! Sunshine!!

Why did Sunrise hate You? I thought she was the most popular girl pre-anime.

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They love her


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I love You

Didn't seem like it.

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They didn't hate You. Riko was just more instrumental to the plot.

Who's the best raibu?

rhombus mouth

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>shut it down


This Yoshikong is pretty strong.

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Riko is so cute and funny.


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Chika is the greatest idol of all time

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Yep, she took a bunch of girls living in the middle of nowhere and turned them into a legendary idol group.

She is amazing

I want to fuck You's armpits

>Two Love Live threads
Let's keep them alive

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You is the perfect combo of pure and lewd

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Fuck You

Thanks user.

Canon couple

I love these two so much.

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