With more DanMachi on the way, Hestia will once again rise up as best girl of all girls...

With more DanMachi on the way, Hestia will once again rise up as best girl of all girls. 3D whores on suicide support desu ne.

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>With more DanMachi on the way

New season announced ages ago

Season 3 is coming.

Hestia was never best girl of anything, she was just a meme people wanted to fuck the same way Rem is for ReZero. You can't be best girl when there's literal perfection in the same show.

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DanMachi was pure dogshit. Not even the big titty loli could save its boring ass

Thats a bad pic of best girl Aiz

Old hag
Low quality bait

will it be delayed?

I'm shocked that she has a fanbase. She's one the most boring character I've seen in anime

>Old hag
They're all old, bro. They're goddesses.Freya is the sexiest and her sexiness is canon.

The dragon will probably steal her spotlight.

Her beef curtains look like a bag of jerky.

>Boob ribbon
>Back window
Is Hestia the most coomer legitimate design in anime?

she was the epitome of flavor of the moth

And don't come back.

I only care about how it performs and we both know we would be drained in a matter of seconds. Also, you sound like a purityfag virgin.

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Rem is eternal best girl though.

Although lilli is obviously best danmachi girl.

>Rem is eternal best girl
Kill yourself

Old hag roastie loving sick fuck. You'd peel the diaper off that stinky old cunt and take a whiff of all the years of cum shot into it then add your own inferior genes to the slough of shit flowing endlessly out of her baby cave.

Hell yeah. Nothing better than a queen's experience pussy gripping and extracting my soul from my dick. Only fags wouldn't want that experience.

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You need help. You have brain damage. You need to an hero.

Chestia is breastia. All other girls BTFO'd for all eternity.

>Chestia is breastia
Lmao, even SHE don't believe that. She's literally jealous of Queen Freya. Take your useless child of a goddess and fuck off.

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>They hated him because he spoke the truth.

Hestia's legs and feet are so delicious.

Shut up, Hestiafag.

I can smell the piss bottles coming from your moldy basement. Your mental issues are surely fully fledged by now. Loving a gray-haired granny is a million leagues beyond insanity. You must abandon your awful taste and surrender to the superior devotion in waifuing Hestia. Convert before your soul roasts in hell forever, pleb.

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Stop making fake quotes, grannyfags. That shit never happened.

Hestia has a 1 member familia and that member doesn't even love her. Stay delusional, Hestiafag. You goddess is a poorfag jobber selling apples on the street while my goddess is a literal queen.

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Queen of rotten semen queefs and prolapsed anus farts.

>1 member
And it's precisely the one member Freya wants but can't have. Isn't it funny how that works?

This. Fucking this. Freyafags can neck themselves in their dark dungeons while they wear women's clothing attempting autoerotic asphyxia.

She can have him, she just likes toying with her preys.

Meanwhile your goddess smells like garbage every day because she lives in dumpsters, lmao.

>She can have him
No, she actually cannot. Bell is not in love with her and her power does not work on him. She can try to force him, but that would only make him hate her, so she actually cannot. She's going to have to learn what rejection feels like for the first time.