How big is too big?

How big is too big?

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no such thing
>inb4 homosexuals and pedophiles say otherwise

As long as she can stand without them touching the ground, It's fine in my book.

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No such thing.

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It depends

Sure this girl looks like she's got big breasts but she's only 4 feet tall

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Chifusa is perfect size in my opinion
this is fine too
on a frame like asuka's these aren't exactly ideal

Bigger than Chifusa is too big

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My preferred size is Passionlip.

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Level 7 and up is too much for me.

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>natural pillows

I need to fap again.

Level 1 and up is too much for me.

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I wish i had a girlfriend with such fine chestpillows.

They should be big and sag enough so that when she gives you a lap pillow her breasts rest on your head

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What's the best way to bully a flatty?

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C cup is the limit

When they stop looking like breasts and start looking like overgrown tumors. I think there are quite a range of sizes that can be hot, but I've never seen a girl where her boobs extend passed her navel that I've been wholly satisfied with in the looks department.

The ideal would be somewhere slightly larger than her head. Past the point where the bottom of the breasts pass her navel, you're getting close to the border where they start becoming less attractive.

Flat is fine too.

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Halfway through the third page of a Jolly Jack comic.

In anime up to level 4 is fine, in real life level 3 hits the Tanaka line where it's hard to tell the difference between big-breasted and fat.

You want milk right?

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Would you a flower?

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basically this

Her breasts can be larger than her head, but not by too much. Shape also matters. If it's too round then it can look like she's padding her shirt with balloons. After a certain size it does make sense for the girl to have a Pochaco sized waist.

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Average size is the best

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Tiny bod with large bobs is a must.

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