Love Live

What will be her name?

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Azusa Otonashi

I'm cute

Who's going to get it this time
Place your bets

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Betsy Wetsy.


Imagine how many men will want to fuck me.

She's cute. Who's she?

Stop posting my pictures.

Hillary "Start a War Every Month" Clinton.

Cthulhu Allspark

I will slap everyone in front of their parents

Hugh Mungus.

You don't recognize yourself?

Who's the best girl?

this chirper

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Real talk, I liked Minano Yuu. It's a cute play on words.

The coolest one.

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Buu Buu~

I love Chika

Nico 2.0

Flop ripoff.

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>Two Love Live threads
Can we keep them alive?

Nanami Yuu

my name of course

There was even a third, but it got deleted due to the cursed phrase that dooms every Love Live thread.

Ayumu and Setsuna will fight over (You)


Woah I can't believe I'm that attractive.

What is this cursed phrase?

Obviously, I can't speak it in a Love Live thread.